Had a bit of a “HOLY COW THIS IS MY LIFE” moment recently while drinking my tea.

I sat here in my kitchen, reflecting on the sheer amount of AMAZINGNESS I’ve attracted — a phoenix-level rebirth of flow and possibility after the explosions, chaos, and devastation that categorized my 2020…

I reflected upon how…

⭐ Yesterday afternoon I was the guest on a podcast with over **100 MILLION** downloads. Whoaaaaaa. Our work and our dream of helping the world see that change doesn’t have to be hard or take a long time is going to spread…!!!

⭐ In July I get to travel to an event in Utah with 2 team members to a special 5-day training that teaches you how to unlock your superhuman capabilities. Think…. seeing with your eyes closed.????

⭐ MindFix has hit multiple record sales and revenue months this in 2021. We not only met our monthly goals I set last Fall, we’ve *5x’d* them, doing more in a month than I aimed to make in a year when I started my entrepreneurial journey. I cannot express enough gratitude to my business coach Tom Sylvester and the beautiful team Austin G. Netzley has put together at 2x for their unwavering support through the good times and all the tears/tough times along the way.

⭐ Next week I’m scheduled to speak to a Partner of a private equity group for $20 Billion asset manager who reached out to me directly. Supporting the power players of the world is a true honor.

⭐ Last month alone we had 2 prospects reach out looking to work with us for packages for DOUBLE the monetary investment of the largest package we’d previously sold, ever.

⭐ In a little over a month, 2 of the most influential, amazing humans in the flow and consciousness space are flying in to pow-wow with myself and my team. We’re going to combine notes, knowledge, research, and powers for a week of beautiful collaboration and exploration in an effort to expedite what’s possible in human healing, trauma processing, and rapid transformation.

⭐ Myself and my team have been invited to facilitate private transformation events for 2 different parties in Austin, TX in August.

⭐ I’ve been invited to an incredibly exciting weekend filled with connection and the coming-together of amazing humans in Steamboat Springs, CO this September.

⭐ Last night’s out-at-dinner conversation included the exploration of facilitating at a high-end event in the BVIs next year. That wouldn’t be unfun.

⭐ Two days ago I had the deep honor of being included in a looooong hike experience in Boulder (took me almost 12 hours, see my previous post) with a group of beyond-inspiring humans, CEOs, and business owners.

⭐ In just a few weeks, two brothers who teach a form of ancient Indonesian energy work that was previously unknown to the Western World are traveling to Colorado to work with me and my team to unblock them from resistance, friction, and anything else holding them back from springing forth and experiencing full abundance and growth in their business lives — so they can fully express their magic and share it with the world.

⭐ Though I typically don’t do 1:1 client work anymore, I’ve committed to a private engagement to help the CEO of the 9th fastest growing privately-held company in the United States eliminate his biggest performance blocks so he can make an even bigger difference in the world.

⭐ Myself and the MindFix team had the honor of facilitating a multi-day event for a group of incredibly powerful, influential business owners at a ski-in/ski-out home in Aspen.

⭐ Just last night I got to reconnect with someone very special to me, who I hadn’t spoken to in a long time. It made my heart so happy.

⭐ Our April MindCamp event sold out, 100%. Looking like our July and October events are on track to do the same.

⭐ I’ve received an invitation to fly out to an incredible property in Spain in the next 3 months to collaborate with tens of the most powerful healers and influential action-takers in the world to open-source transformation and get our work out to more and more people. I will be accepting this invite. ????

⭐ I was invited to fly south to Mexico to hang, play, and co-work with a new friend in June.

⭐ I’ve been invited to fly West to San Diego to hang and play with a brand-new friend and (and utter powerhouse of a female CEO) in August.

⭐ My fireplace should finally be fixed within the next week. Anyone who knows me knows how ridiculously over the top awesome this news is.

⭐ The next 2 weekends I get to spend connecting deeply with 2 different groups of humans who are near and dear and special to me.

⭐ I get to close the consulting agency chapter of my life in the near future. Working out plans to finalize that this coming week. It will feel good to wave goodbye so 0% of my energy gets taken up by that legacy portion of my life.

⭐ Myself and the MindFix team got to facilitate a multi-day event for a group of incredibly powerful, influential business owners at a ski-in/ski-out home in Aspen.


Just… WHAT??

This is my life.

And to think… I almost blew past all this and just dove straight into emailing this morning without a pause to reflect on where things were at…

Want to Understand
What’s Holding You Back
and Explore Whether
the MindFix Signature Program
Would Be Right For You?

THIS is what you get when you put in the work on yourself, day after day.

THIS is what you get when you show up for yourself even when others don’t.

THIS is what you get when you put one foot in front of the other each morning, even when it feels like your world is falling apart.

There is a formula to getting here.

And it starts with bringing the “addition” in your life to a halt for a bit.

No more strategies, coaching, tools telling you do MORE.

You have everything you need within you, already.

Reaching the next level of success starts with getting honest yourself and uncovering what you need to SUBTRACT from your life to help you clear a new path.

Clear out the resistance and friction, remove the barriers and the roadblocks, and you’re left with momentum and flow.

I can’t wait to see what YOU get to experience when you focus on subtraction instead of addition… and I hope you share, too.

Thank you for being alongside me as I continue on this journey at this time on this planet in this body.

Love you.

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