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Founded in early 2018, The MindFix Group is a collaboration between a small number of highly-trained, deeply knowledgeable, passionate mind-experts with a simple purpose: Deliver revolutionary programs that alleviate the self-sabotage our own minds create that hold us all back, and help leaders feel better and achieve even more—rapidly and without years of repetition or hard work required.

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Erin Pheil – Founder

After obtaining a BA in Psychology and MA in Digital Media, Erin founded and ran an award-winning and nationally-ranked web agency for 16 years, working with an impressive portfolio of clients ranging from world-renowned philosophers to Fortune 500 companies. She then went on to found MindFix after healing herself from a multi-year experience with chronic pain, anxiety, and depression, creating a company so unique in its effectiveness her team regularly hears “This has been the single best investment I’ve made in my entire life.” (See the full “How MindFix came to be” story below).

Erin’s work and words have been featured in books, magazines, podcasts, webinars, newspaper columns, events, and conferences. She delivers keynote talks, workshops, retreats and presentations on human behavior and rapid transformation, has helped clients achieve incredible public successes (such as presenting on Shark Tank), works with the founders of 7-, 8- and 9-figure businesses, is Kolbe and DiSC certified, holds an EO Global Speaker Certification, and has blended her knowledge of a wide variety of modalities into a powerful and unique experience for those passionate about optimizing what’s not optimal in their lives.

Erin has studied with the leaders of a variety of personal and professional development programs ranging from Sandler Training to EOS to NeverBoss to LEAP to Strategic Coach.  In her free time, she is passionate about mountain biking and snowboarding in the mountains of Colorado. To inquire about speaking engagements and watch a short video, visit the the speaking page.

Modalities Erin Works With:

  • Spiritual Technology, Metaphors of Movement, Progressive Mental Alignment, Flow Consciousness Institute Processes, The Belief Tree Process, Advanced Conversational Hypnosis, Lefkoe Method, Byron Katie’s “The Work”, Mindshifting, Lion Goodman’s Belief Closet Process, Internal Family Systems, Creator Space, Somatic Experiencing, Havening, The Kiloby Inquiries, Rapid Trauma Resolution, Psychedelic and Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy, Kolbe Index, DiSC

Professional Affiliations

  • Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), CADRE

Invited Speaker for:

  • Entrepreneur’s Organization (EO), YPO forums, YPO chapters, YPO Gold, Young Entrepreneurs Council (YEC), National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO), Shift Society, Baby Bathwater Institute, Business Outside, East 5th Avenue, Entrepreneur Empowerment Institute, Momentum Mondays, Bay Area Consultants, Ugurus, Revel, ConsultingLive! Conference, G-Force, The 1%, Capitalism.com, GIVE Mastermind, Grown With Elite ($2M mastermind), Cadre, Five Rings Financial, Scale2x, Chief (private Network for the most powerful women in leadership), Mimosa Mastermind (Now Four Rooms)

Samples of Erin’s 50+ Podcast Interviews:

Sample Client Transformations:

  • Removed a client’s fear of public speaking so he could successfully present on Shark Tank
  • Helped the founder of a quarter Billion dollar business overcome his deep sense of unworthiness and panic that something was going to go horribly wrong
  • Helped the founder of a $50M pain-relief business overcome her freeze from a horrific relationship trauma and return to work and family
  • Cleared a life-long phobia of sales for the founder of an 8-figure business, allowing him to finally sell his company
  • Eliminated the crippling depression for the CMO of one of the U.S.’s leading mattress companies
  • Helped a teenager from Austin overcome suicidal ideations (with no pharmaceutical intervention)
  • Worked with a top sales professional, enabling him to begin closing 5-figure deals within weeks of his program’s completion
  • Healed a powerful businessman’s lifelong sense of “never being good enough” — after 46 years in therapy had not been able to touch it
  • Allowed a Denver businessman to double his company’s business revenue in 3 months
  • Enabled a 54 year old drug-addict to begin living without drugs–for the first time since adolescence
  • Enabled a travel-industry entrepreneur to rapidly hit the $1M revenue mark for the first time in her 16 years in business
  • Eliminated a lifelong social anxiety for an tech entrepreneur from San Francisco.
  • Helped a woman from Colorado leave her job and start a business that grew to 7-figures in 3 years
  • Stopped the daily panic attacks of a Seattle, Washington doctor
  • Helped a financial advisor from Colorado achieve peak confidence, allowing him to completely fill his book of business and stop taking on new clients
  • Helped an entrepreneur from Nevada grow his business (top-line revenue) by 40% in one year
  • Helped a life-long people pleaser completely overcome her fear of conflict and step powerfully into her role of VP of Operations at a digital agency

Stavros – Belief/Unlearning Coach

Stavros is deeply passionate about helping others break free of the blocks holding them back, and has trained extensively with some of the world’s top experts in emotional and behavioral pattern elimination, deconditioning processes, behavior change, and belief work.

Stavros lives in the U.K. and in his spare time enjoys Greek dancing, learning to play the piano, and spending time with his 6 year old nephew.

Maureen – Clearing Coach

MaureenMaureen is committed to helping people live beyond limitation, and works with clients on a variety of levels. She uses a combination of emotional work, clearing work, coaching and facilitation that truly allows for the unlocking and releasing of limitations.

Maureen is a professionally trained coach with Coaches Training Institute and is passionate about empowering people to live lives they love.

Laszlo – MindClarity Coach

Laszlo has an in-depth understanding of the neuro-scientific approach that makes MindClarity coaching so powerful. He supplements this with deep listening and empathetic understanding to help leaders achieve enhanced performance. His clients report reaching new levels of creativity and insight, feeling more focused and innovative, and being able to live more purposeful yet relaxed lives.

Laszlo was a co-founder of 3 successful startups and holds a PhD in memetics. He was a fellow at Yale University and a guest lecturer at the Business School of Central European University.

Juliette – MindClarity Coach

Juliette empowers people to discover their own answers and find clarity from within. She came into the coaching and therapy space after healing from 25 years of multiple chronic illnesses. It’s given her a deep insight into personal resilience and the capacity for our mind to heal our body – and how gaining a new perspective can open up so many possibilities in life.

Juliette lives in the UK, and loves spending time outside walking her beloved whippet.

Marie – MindClarity Coach

Marie draws upon her personal experience of observing how limiting beliefs and inner conflicts impact life experiences. This drove her to retrain and master new and modern methods that empower individuals while reducing suffering. She enjoys working with people, empowering them to rewire their minds and unlearn unhelpful habits and conclusions. Her clients describe experiencing improvements in their relationships, better focus and greater results from a more peaceful mind.

Based in Surrey, UK, Marie divides her time between work, family, and continuing to learn her craft from masters in their respective fields.

Sara P. – Program Manager


Sara is a Florida native who has a Bachelor’s Degree in Health Science and a minor in Health Service Administration. She holds certificates in both Manager Development and Customer Service. She has worked in many facets of health care and left the medical profession to build and run a successful electrical company with her husband. Sara has a passion for health and wellness, which ultimately lead her to MindFix. Sara is also a devoted wife and mother to their 3 children. In her spare time, you can find her traveling, trying new cuisines, exploring the Florida wilderness, and enjoying her children’s sporting events. As you go through your program at MindFix, Sara will be there to guide you and ensure you have everything you need to get the most out of your program.

Sabina – Belief/Unlearning Coach

SabinaSabina has always felt a deep call to find truth and freedom, and share that with others who want to break free of limitations and suffering. She has been helping people across the world for years — practicing, evolving and teaching belief elimination work, Sense Processes, and the clearing of mental programs for years, working with anyone ranging from young kids to top business leaders.  She is passionate about helping others improve their lives via transforming and optimizing the mind.

Sabina lives in Copehagen and enjoys travelling around the world to experience new adventures.

Evan – Trauma Clearing Coach

SabinaEvan is fascinated with finding ‘the thing behind the thing’ – and locating the longest lever to pull to provide people with the most emotional freedom possible. Coming from mountains of his own personal growth work – he feels a deep sense of care toward finding and healing the actual problem, so that you don’t have to spend your life jumping from thing to thing wondering what’s wrong with you while continuing to cope with the issue you’ve worked on dozens of times. If you find that your conscious mind is wanting to go one way, yet your actions are taking you another – you and Evan might have some opportunities for growth in session together. And if you happen to like those videos of stray pit bulls being adopted and wearing pajamas while befriending a duck, you and Evan might just become best friends.

Jozlyn – PMA (Somatic) Coach

Jozlyn has always been highly interested in personal growth/development and how the past correlates with the present and future.  After discovering the PMA method and reaping life-altering results, she went on to study the method extensively.  Jozlyn understands and uses the natural language of the subconscious mind to help people heal their past wounds so they can have massive shifts in the present, and in turn, change their future!  She specializes in tracing the source of deeply entrenched limiting belief systems and their attached negative physiology bringing people inner joy and peace.  It is this knowledge, along with her deep insights and passion for healing, that has helped her transform the lives of the people she works with.

Jozlyn lives in Florida, where she was born and raised. She loves being in nature, traveling, and spending time with her family.

Kelli – Belief/Unlearning Coach

Kelli Reese is a multifaceted professional with a background in business and a deep commitment to personal growth and spirituality. After leaving her high-stress career in 2015, where she managed a $34M organization for 17 years, she embarked on a transformative journey abroad for two years. Now based in the United States, Kelli leverages her expertise in leadership coaching, energy healing, and spiritual practices to guide individuals in overcoming inner obstacles, dispelling limiting beliefs, and breaking unhelpful behavior patterns. Her aim is to empower people to trust themselves and achieve positive transformations in their careers, relationships, and overall lives. When not working with clients worldwide, Kelli enjoys the simple life in her tiny house on wheels in California’s Sierra Nevada mountains, indulging in outdoor adventures, connecting with nature, and savoring her love for second-hand fashion and cooking for friends.


Lucas – Inner Experience Coach


Lucas Handwerker is a New York-based Writer, Speaker, Subconscious Guide, and Spiritual Counselor. Lucas has been working with groups and private clients for over 12 years. He helps people remove inner blocks, dissolve anxiety, resolve trauma, change habits, and make all sorts of inner shifts by working at the unconscious root. No covering up symptoms or dancing around the problem. He gets right to the source quickly and helps make lasting change. When he’s not working with clients from around the world, he’s writing books and presenting his group healing events, retreats, and workshops.


Kirsten – MindShifting Coach


Kirsten Trammell is a human connection investigator, Tantra dabbler, and hardcore research nerd at heart. She has studied a tantric and holistic approach to intimacy and relationships and is training to become a licensed sex therapist. Kirsten is passionate about supporting you in building the connections you desire, beginning with the relationship you have with yourself. Through removing limiting beliefs, dissolving old patterns, and claiming your desires, Kirsten’s mission is for you to move forward in life with confidence, clarity, and a remembrance of who you truly are. Kirsten lives in California and loves surfing, yoga, and dancing on the beach like Phoebe from friends.

Lorraine – HeartFix Coach


With 20 years of professional practice in a wealth of holistic therapies, Lorraine has helped thousands to live more authentic, empowered, and connected lives. Merging cutting edge and ancient wisdom, Lorraine utilizes her training in Psychology, Relationships, Authenticity, Communication Skills, Trauma healing, Yoga, Mindfulness, Somatics and Spiritual Technologies in her practice. Lorraine has been a Professor, and facilitated experiential workshops for people around the globe. Lorraine started her own healing journey to treat the chronic pain and exhaustion that stemmed from autoimmune condition. Allopathic medicine didn’t help so she turned to alternative treatments. Her answers came from Inner-knowing & authenticity, trauma resolution and learning new ways to connect, listen and communicate her needs.

Roxy – MindCamp Facilitator

Roxy brings a combination of warm-hearted wisdom and nurturing to her work.  With an education in environmental studies and a career history in both wellness and sales, she utilizes her skills in facilitation, organizational management and authentic relating.  She draws on her experience of facilitation in life-changing containers and has experience supporting and leading deep journeys.  She believes that every experience in this life offers us an opportunity for growth and wisdom.  And that a connection to the body first is how we can heal and inspire life transformations.  She wholeheartedly believes that we all possess internal wisdom and that sometimes we need a guide to steer us past our conditioned responses and beliefs.   Her focus in life is to guide her own children in ways that support the connection of the body, mind, and soul.

Matt – Tech Support

Matt has spent more than 25 years working in the Internet industry as developer, writer and marketer. He provides the MindFix team with world class service to ensure that all of MindFix’s clients have the best possible experience.

Erin’s Story (aka, how MindFix came to be)

My name’s Erin.

And, despite the sparkly, outward suggestions of success (like awards, speaking engagements, a beautiful home in the mountains on a river, my first consulting agency’s longevity and success, generating millions of dollars for myself and for clients etc.)….

…I always had a deep, persistent sense that I was a fraud, inadequate, and unsuccessful. Like, a REALLY deep sense of these things. I always felt like things were never quite right, that I’d never achieved enough, and that I was never really ok.

These thoughts and feelings negatively impacted (and sometimes even completely sabotaged) everything I did… from how I communicated with my significant other to how I handled projects with clients to how I felt when I woke up each morning.

These invisible mental barriers held me back from being able to deeply enjoy the rich life I’d dreamed of (then actually built) for myself from the ground up.

There used to be more days than I’d like to admit where I simply didn’t want to get out of bed. What’s worse, none of my mind’s faulty programming seemed to make sense.

I knew, logically,
that I was “good enough”.

I knew, logically,
that I was “smart”.

I knew, logically,
what I needed to do
to get better results for my life.

I knew, logically,
that I was more than capable
of solving my challenges.

So why did I feel so damn STUCK?

I knew if I could  overcome the mental barriers holding me back, I’d be able to finally live the life I dreamed of, deserved, and longed for.

I wanted desperately to get rid of what felt like a fifty pound weight I’d been carrying around on my shoulders since my youth.

Unfortunately, finding that solution did not come easily.

Over the past decade and a half, I invested multiple six figures in more mindset gurus, therapists, coaches, courses, trainings, and consultants than I can count in an attempt to remove myself as the primary roadblock that was in my way.

NONE of the modalities I explored were especially appealing.

I tried…

  • Rehashing my problems again and again (and again) in years of therapy
  • Journaling my thoughts and feelings (more rehashing)
  • Taking a pill every day to dull the feelings of anxiety
  • Forcing myself (through sheer will?! Repeatedly?? MORE willpower?) to take new actions
  • Completely changing my spiritual values and adopting new ones
  • Psychadelic therapy
  • Every type of “coaching” under the sun — from business coaches to spiritual coaches to mindset coaches to NLP experts.  From the highly analytical to the highly woo-woo, I tried it ALL.
  • Meditating extensively every single day

Everything I tried seemed unbearably slow at best… and harmful at worst (it took me years to figure out one of the medications I was taking INCREASING my anxiety, not reducing it…).

All the while, I so deeply wanted to stop holding myself back.

I wanted real, measurable RESULTS, and I wanted to experience it in days or weeks, not years.  (I’m a bit on the impatient end of the spectrum, it’s true.)

Why wasn’t I getting anywhere???? I wanted to rip my hair out.


Then came what I call “THE REALLY, REALLY DARK PERIOD” of my life.

Out of nowhere, I was hit with chronic pain that completely sidelined me for nearly 3 years.

I couldn’t exercise, bike, snowboard, work out, recreate—and for a constantly active, outdoors person who had moved to the mountains immediately after college *so that* she could be active outside on a daily basis, this setback only intensified the suffering.

I went to HUNDREDS of appointments.

I saw what felt like every doctor, practitioner, therapist, and specialist in the state of Colorado.

I spent tens of thousands of dollars trying to figure out why I was now miserable in my body in addition to my mind. No one helped. In fact, most practitioners only made my pain and anxiety worse.

I’ll never forget the day everything changed.

I was sitting on a red, velvety couch directly across from a therapist. She was looking piercingly into my eyes. She said, “Erin, you are miserable and in pain because you don’t believe you’re okay, or good enough. You are miserable and in pain because you base your self worth completely on your latest achievements.”

“Ok!” I answered.

“I can see that. So let’s fix it!! How do we make my mind BELIEVE I’m good enough?? Let’s do it!”

She looked at me and said, “It’ll take lots of time and patience and faith. We’ll begin to dive into this in our many sessions ahead over the upcoming months and years, and we’ll really explore what it would mean to be ok.”

My heart sank when she said “months and years.”

AND, that was the moment everything changed.

I knew I didn’t want to spend more months or years exploring and rehashing what we’d already covered.

I didn’t want to THINK and EXPLORE being ok.

I wanted a shift. And I wanted it RIGHT THEN.

I wasn’t going to wait any longer.

I needed to figure out how to change something in my mind that was deeply programmed.

And if she (and all the others) couldn’t help me do it, I’d figure it out on my own.

I walked out the door that day knowing I’d never go back. THAT was the moment I KNEW that if I wanted to move forward with the rest of my life, I needed to stop looking for the answers in standard modalities that didn’t do anything for me.

So I set out and did exactly that.

I researched incessantly. I studied with masters in California. I trained in human behavior and instincts in Arizona. Back in Colorado I devoured books with opposing opinions on how the mind worked and tested everything on myself and everyone else around me who would let me (thanks everyone). I was sick and tired of feeling awful—physically AND about myself.

I was sick and tired of holding myself back.

I couldn’t be active and I was in pain, but I had a new mission in life. I was going to figure out how to effect change for myself RAPIDLY and PERMANENTLY. And I DID.

I finally discovered that when I carefully blended various modalities and approaches into a new, elegant process, I completely ELIMINATED the majority of mental roadblocks holding me back.

This “custom blend” eliminated my challenges systematically, logically and permanently. (The best part for me? No “woo-woo” involved.)

It happened fast.

It wasn’t years.

It wasn’t painful.

It didn’t require more journaling or time-consuming self-work.

At first, I simply healed my own mind and challenges and I was deeply satisfied. After all, that’s all I’d been aiming for all along. I had no intention of doing more than that.

I was free of the negative self-talk and doubt.

I was no longer holding myself back.

I was the better version of me I’d knew I had in me all along.

Then I ended up helping a few friends with their roadblocks. Then I helped a few close colleagues. And suddenly people I’d never met were asking for help.

I was fascinated to see how SO many, many, many high achievers and high performers secretly dealt with huge, invisible mental barriers just as I had, despite being outwardly successful by nearly anyone’s yardstick.

For example, there was my friend, the CEO of a $26M company, who was unconsciously sabotaging his entire personal life because of his deep-rooted fear of not being liked.

There was another friend, a pro national BMX champion, who felt weighed down and burdened every single day by a deep sense of never feeling good enough.

There was a colleague, a brilliant international consultant, who dealt with waves of anxiety each time he began working with a client, which had begun to impact his ability to deliver value and instill confidence in those he worked with.

Interestingly, most everyone I spoke with had attempted to address their issues through personal development books, YEARS of therapy, coaching, and/or mentorship.

Just as interestingly, they all experienced limited to NO meaningful change—which is why in early 2018 I finally decided to step back from my agency and change people’s lives full time by making my program available to those outside my immediate circle.

And that’s when The MindFix Group was born.

Welcome to your new life.

When you're tired of getting in your own way, and you know you're capable of SO much more, it's time to talk to us.