MindFix Case Studies

Everyone loves a great story.
Especially these people.

You’ve seen our results. You understand that MindFix is the farthest thing from too good to be true. But what does transformation look like in real life? Read these inspiring stories to find out.

Shane Sams

Shane Sams: Online Entrepreneur

MindFix transformed his wife from depressed to vibrant and full of purpose—and then he experienced a miracle himself…

Shane and his wife Jocelyn sold a successful enterprise, but without her business “baby”, Jocelyn lost her sense of direction and purpose in life. Shane was skeptical about MindFix at first. But then he watched in awe as his wife came alive again—saving their marriage, rescuing their new business venture, and leading him to an incredible breakthrough of his own.

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Ed Gatejen

Ed Gatejen: Real estate broker

Eliminated a lifelong reluctance to “put himself out there”, increased incoming leads by more than 500%, and rebounded from shaky self-worth to relaunch his real estate brokerage

Ed spent a lifetime psyching himself up to do the essential work of finding new real estate leads for his company. After one (yes, *one*) MindFix session, his call reluctance was gone—and new business started flooding in.

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Tom Howardsen

Tom Howardsen: Head of a consumer goods incubator

Overcame his fear of finances, achieved record sales in a pandemic year, and crushed Impostor Syndrome

Tom (not his real name) went from avoiding even looking at a financial statement to diving deep on his finances once a week—and feeling he could accomplish anything.

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James Miller

James Miller: Owner of an innovative construction company

Demolished $150,000 of debt, permanently erased the fear of abandonment, found the courage to speak his truth everywhere in his life

Nearly bankrupt, he still borrowed money for MindFix. Now he’s at 10x ROI—and counting.

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Timothy Dick

Tim Dick: VP of Hostgator, entrepreneur, founder, investor

20X'd his investment, finally found happiness, created quick + massive change that didn't take away from his busy life

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a 7 or 8 figure business, here’s a word of warning—even millions upon million in revenue might not make you happy. Here’s the reason.

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Leigh Wadden

Leigh Wadden: President of a thriving ski resort lodging company

Finally got "unstuck", smashed 7 figures, and even found bliss (really)

Still feel unsatisfied when others think you’re “living the dream?” Yes, you can have a better life, even if things are already awesome.

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Kevin Stiffler

Kevin Stiffler: professional mountain bike coach with a doctorate in education

Dramatically reduced stress, embraced fatherhood, learned to love life

We don’t often get taught how to deal with stress when life sneaks up and sandbags us. Sometimes l gets super hard, really fast. Here’s what to do if it does.

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Jocelyn Sams

Jocelyn Sams: Entrepreneur

Overcame years of anxiety, crushed problems instead of just coping with them, eliminated lifelong limiting beliefs

Jocelyn suffered from years of unexplained pain, anxiety and depression before joining MindFix — where she learned to crush her problems at the root level.  She graduated from her program a better wife, mother, friend, and business owner.

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Karyn Blanco

Karyn Blanco: successful entrepreneur

Raised rates, doubled happiness, stopped feeling unimportant

Here’s what happens when you remove subconscious garbage and accumulated stress you’ve been storing in your mind

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