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Four minutes is all it took…

FOUR MINUTES. IT TOOK FOUR MINUTES. I don’t do much 1:1 work anymore, but when I do… it’s so delightful. A few days ago, a lovely woman from Florida shared with me that she was feeling absolutely terrified–and had been so for weeks–about a potentially conflict-laden conversation she needed to have this coming Friday. She […]

A Proud Son’s Appreciation

I hear many stories of how MindFix has changed the lives of not just our clients – but their families. I love to tell those stories. But sometimes there is nothing more powerful than the words from the people we work with – and this case – both the client, Cindy, and her son, Sam. […]

Becoming a Better You

Recently, the team here at MindFix worked with Jim – a successful Washington DC entrepreneur and business consultant. Up until he began MindFix, Jim’s life and his personal success had been spent being defined by how many hours he worked and how much money he made. “The grind was my badge of honor,” said Jim. […]

MindFix Group Showcased in Worth Magazine

Recently, our team was showcased in Worth Magazine. An article adapted from Bart Foster’s Business Outside book featured our work in a full-length article, detailing a step-by-step process for overcoming compulsive work and living more intentionally. The article shares how, if you’re stuck in a pattern that’s not serving you, or if you’re experiencing some […]

Do it for yourself, for your family, for your life, for your work – all of it.

Sometimes we suffer and don’t even realize it. A recent MindFix client, Melanie, summed it up best when she said, “I have been suffering without realizing it with anxiety for most of my life. And I had never had a name for it. I just thought that’s how things were so I couldn’t decide to […]

Ever felt “triggered”? Here’s what’s happening…

Have you ever felt “triggered”? Perhaps you’ve found yourself experiencing a strong emotional charge to something in front of you — but the charge didn’t quite fit the situation? Maybe you felt RAGE at someone making a simple suggestion for improvement? Or HEARTBROKEN when someone said they couldn’t join you for coffee? Or a DEEP TERROR […]

Charging What You’re Actually Worth

In September 2022, I was invited to present to the San Francisco Bay Area Consultants’ Network. They requested a session for their members on “Charging What You’re Worth.” Members paid a fee to attend, and, following the session, rated it as one of the highest quality, most valuable presentations put on by their association. Following […]

What happened when I received a call from an angry client

On a very unusual April day three years ago, I ended a Zoom call with a client (a call I’d been waiting for, for WEEKS) and stared at the screen, absolutely GUTTED. It took me about 30 minutes to fully process what had happened. Four months prior to this specific call a VERY powerful influencer […]

7 Dimensions of Trust

“You either trust me or you don’t, Erin. It’s that simple.” Well… I’ve recently learned that Trust is actually not that simple. Three years ago, I worked up to the courage to share with a close friend that I no longer trusted him. (He was rarely in integrity. Promise after promise went unfulfilled. I could […]

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