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erin speakingAuthentic and dynamic, Erin Pheil is a certified EO Global Speaker, speaker to YPO chapters and forums, consultant, and entrepreneur.

Erin offers refreshing new ways of thinking about entrepreneurship, mental wellness, and healing, inspiring audiences deeply by having them experience for themselves how mental roadblocks and lifelong patterns CAN be dissolved before their very eyes.

Through engaging, interactive workshops, Erin shows people how they can quickly and easily break through the “headtrash” and mental roadblocks they previously considered too big or formidable to overcome–in record time.

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1, 2, and 4-hour workshops, 1 and 2 day retreats, live and virtual keynote and conference talks

Sample Presentation

View a recent virtual zoom workshop (“Charge What You’re Actually Worth“) she presented to the SF Bay Area Consultant’s Network here on YouTube.

Recent Feedback from EO Middle East:

Erin, the impact of your session still resonates strongly with all our attendees. Your expertise and eloquent delivery have indeed sparked insightful discussions among us.

On a personal note, I found the session to be enlightening and the interactive nature of it made the learning experience engaging.

Thank you once again for your invaluable contribution to our event. Your session was not only enlightening but also inspiring, and I look forward to our continued collaboration.

– Dele Nedd, EO MEPA Bridge Learning Chair

One of the best trainings I've ever been a part of

Erin provided a GREAT power workshop session for our private clients, and she just blew them away.  This is one of the best trainings that I’ve ever been a part of… it was slightly over an hour of pure value, and everyone was engaged the entire time.

She helped attendees through real breakthroughs–we did actual transformation on the 1-hour call.  So if you want to look like a hero to your audience and want to help like change lives Erin has an amazing presentation that she will share with your audience to help transform them live on the spot.




Powerful Mind Tools for (Truly) Rapid Relief:
Learn simple, powerful, DIY tools you’ve never heard of to dissolve your own mental roadblocks, frustrations, negative thoughts or stuck emotions in 20 minutes or less. Applicable to you, your team, or your loved ones.

Get Unstuck: How Entrepreneurs Can Overcome Resistance, Internal Anchors + Self Sabotage
Discovery a revolutionary, cutting-edge approach to accessing happiness, joy, confidence, and peace in record time — *even when* traditional coaching, therapy, and hard work haven’t helped as promised.

The Conscious Creation of CONNECTION
These deeply engaging forum experiences guide participants through unique and memorable experiences to connect authentically and more deeply with themselves and with others. So fun and lively, time’s often up before you know it.

"Attendees scored her a 10 out of 10."

Not only was her conference's presentation content phenomenal and unique—her engagement was top notch. She had the entire ballroom laughing, she had the entire ballroom in tears, and it was all deeply moving.

~ Steve "The Hurricane" Weiss | Hurricane BootCamp Conferences

Brent Weaver, CEO, UGurus.com
"Ridiculous to pass her up."

Erin captivated our entire audience of 450 attendees. Her stories and content dig deep into an emotional journey that inspires and pushes audiences to make real change in their lives. An incredible presentation.

~ Brent Weaver, CEO, UGurus.com

David Kellam, COO, Million Dollar Authority
"Erin is an INCREDIBLE speaker."

She was our keynote speaker at our latest summit and had the room absolutely CAPTIVATED. She is a really engaging speaker and provided so much value to our audience. We look forward to having her back.

~ David Kellam, COO, Million Dollar Authority

Austin Netzley, CEO, Scale2x
"A POWERFUL presenter."

It's obvious Erin is in her element when she's speaking. She presented to our company's clients and it was EPIC. She taught us a powerful transformational process and I watched it change lives right there on the spot--it was amazing and the feedback represents that!

~ Austin Netzley, CEO, Scale2x

Are Erin’s Workshops and Presentations a Good Fit For My Audience?

MindFix presentations and workshops are an exceptional fit for audiences that:

  • value introspection, self-reflection, and personal growth
  • are comfortable with vulnerability (presentations increase in value when audience members share their experiences with other participants)
  • are open to asking themselves the “hard questions” and being honest with themselves and others
  • are looking for breakthroughs and powerful experiences (vs. entertainment/a fun time)
  • are committed to playing “all in” to try something entirely new with a beginner’s mind

Invited Speaker for:

 Landon Porter, FNL

“Authentic conversations with her audience”

I’d HIGHLY recommend Erin on your stage; she stays truly focused and has real and authentic conversations with her audience. She’s understated and is sincere about her craft.

~ Landon Porter, FNL

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