Too Good To Be True

For the Skeptics (AKA: Too Good To Be True)

“How can you do what therapists can’t do over years of time?”
“How in the world can you deliver such a high success rate?”
“Seriously, how is what you do even POSSIBLE?”

We get it.

The ability to rapidly clearing internal barriers, counterproductive thought patterns, and subconscious blocks seems a bit like snake oil, doesn’t it?


You’re skeptical. (And to be honest, we’d be too, if we were you.)

You want to know HOW we do what we do and WHY our methodology works so much better and more consistently than the other options you’ve already tried without success.

You want to know this isn’t snake oil.

Do MindFix results actually LAST?

You know that MindFix detaches you from counterproductive beliefs, self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, procrastination, self-doubt, and fears. But does the work actually LAST? We reached out to MindFix graduates ~1 year after their program to find out. Here’s what we discovered.



Here’s a look under the hood of HOW we do what we do and WHY it works so well.

1We peacefully dissolve the emotional charge from past negative events and traumas.

Events from your past—even ones you rarely think about or barely remember—can catch you in behavioral and emotional loops, causing you to feel and act in ways that don’t serve you. We have multiple non-threatening methodologies in our tool belts for dissolving the power that past negative events can have over your.

2We identify and eliminate the limiting beliefs, conclusions, thought loops and counterproductive emotions that are the root causes behind your challenges.

This is a big part of what we do, and where a lot of the “magic” happens. As human beings, we act and feel emotions and we take actions in accordance with what we believe to be true. When we eliminate the beliefs at the root of your problematic thoughts, feelings, and emotions, your behavior and emotions can instantly shift, and you effortlessly begin to take action in the way you’ve always known you could, but haven’t.

3We use the power of YOUR mind and uncover the solutions that already exist within YOU.

Unlike other models, you won’t find suggesting what you should or shouldn’t do. Instead, you’ll experience sessions with us where we use clear communication techniques to rapidly uncover the hidden knowledge and wisdom in your own mind that guides you to what’s next, what’s best, and what’s optimal for you.  Because only you can truly know that.

HOW we can eliminate problematic thought patterns and beliefs

Here’s a simple example to illustrate the mechanism behind how we get rid of problem-causing thought patterns and beliefs—even if they made it through therapy unscathed and you’ve had them for DECADES:

Just for a moment, close your eyes and imagine having a belief that “Dogs are dangerous.”

You will likely avoid most or all dogs, even if they’re friendly.

Now imagine having that belief plucked out of your mind—so it’s gone.

For good.

The next time you see a friendly dog—since you won’t instantly believe it’s DEFINITELY dangerous—you won’t engage in the same avoidance actions you’ve always engaged in—all because you no longer believe that dogs are dangerous.

You may walk close to the dog or even pet the dog, and it won’t feel unnatural or weird or like you’re “trying hard” to act different, and yet everyone will be amazed at your “sudden” and complete change in how you act.

Because they’ve never personally experienced it, many people fear it’s impossible to stop believing things. If asked though, every single MindFix graduate would smile and tell you that quite the opposite is true.  So would most humans who at one point in their lives believed in the Tooth Fairy, Easter Bunny, or Santa Claus.  Negative beliefs and harmful programming CAN go away, never to return.  It’s at the core of what we do each week with our clients, and it’s a beautiful experience.


Tom was skeptical. Tom is no longer skeptical.

“I literally woke up one day and it was clear to me what I needed to do and nothing was going to get in the way.

“I was always on auto-pilot, mind was always somewhere else. I couldn’t appreciate the beauty. Now, I’m moved to tears everyday about the beauty that’s around me.”

Here’s what more of our clients have experienced…

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

Here’s another simple story to illustrate how clearing out harmful subconscious programming can happen INSTANTLY:

Imagine I show you a red mug every day for 20 years. You see it, and agree it’s red. You believe it’s red. You tell your buddy “Yep, it’s red.” But then one day I walk up to you and, right before your eyes, I peel away a thin layer of colored plastic that’s been wrapped around the outside of the mug. The plastic was tinted red and suddenly, you see that the mug was actually white all along! You now believe the mug is white. You don’t stop believing the mug is white or go back to believing the mug is red after a few days. Your new belief that the mug is white is permanent because your mind is convinced you saw something as reality.

When we work with our clients’ negative thought patterns and belief systems, we help their minds “get” that they never saw things in reality. Just as with the mug example above, once someone’s mind “sees” something in the world in a new way, their beliefs—even if held for decades—can change in an instant. And as we shared with the dog story above, once you no longer believe something that has caused you to act in a certain way, your behavior and feelings change instantly, with no effort required. It’s a beautiful, elegant, easy process that brings clients joy, freedom, and possibilities that literally never existed for them before. The more harmful subconscious programming we clear out, the more possibilities exist. To understand this on an even deeper level, make sure you check out our free training.

A custom blend of 10+ powerful modalities

Through extensive trial and error we’ve found a powerful blend of existing, proven techniques that works far better than any one used on its own. Our sessions combine the most effective parts of modalities such as Progressive Mental Alignment, Kiloby Inquiries, The Lefkoe Method, Internal Family Systems, Spiritual Technology, Mindshifting, Advanced Conversational Hypnosis, Somatic Experiencing, Rapid Resolution Therapy, Rapid Trauma Resolution, and Metaphors of Movement.  We stand on the shoulders of giants and are proud to honor and build off of those who forged the way before us.

Our Secret? Subtraction, Not Addition

Many transformational modalities require significant, ultra-deep “rehashing” of old wounds and traumas, and extensive discussions and theorizing into WHY things happened to you in the past. This often just replays old tapes in your mind, deepening neural pathways and imprinting the memories’ old wounds even deeper. The result? You learn a lot of interesting things, but no deep, meaningful change happens for you.

Contrary to let’s-talk-through-everything modalities, we find root causes for behavior and emotional patterns you want to get rid of and then eliminate them. We work through subtraction, not addition. We remove accumulated stress, outdated beliefs and thoughts that no longer serve you, critical self-talk, conditionings, and old habits. This elegant process is the opposite of so many modern day approaches, and delivers far superior results when compared to standard “coaching” models that teach and continually layer on more responsibilities, theories, and to-do items to your life.

So…What Will It Be Like For You After You’ve Gone Through the Program?

The more we clear your mind of the accumulated limitations you’ve collected over your life, the bigger the world you play in, the more possibilities you see, the less anxiety and fear you feel, the less you need to distract or numb yourself, and the freer you feel.

You’re still you—you’re just an upgraded version of you that sees the world in a more empowering, possibilities-focused way.

Our clients share this with us week in and week out:


Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

“Too good to be true”

To many people, the possibility of creating permanent change in a handful of weeks when they’ve experienced nothing of the sort before simply seems too good to be true.

We understand.  And we offer for your consideration….

When you're tired of getting in your own way, and you know you're capable of SO much more, it's time to talk to us.