Frequently Asked Questions


You asked. We’re answering.


I have so many questions. Where can I begin?

You can start with this 2022 “Ask Me Anything” Q&A video session in which Erin opens up to the public and thoroughly covers the most common questions nearly *everyone* curious about MindFix presents to her and the team. She also provides answers to questions that attendees from around the world were burning to ask.  If you have questions in your mind about MindFix, they’ll almost certainly be answered in this video.


Are these results REALLY typical?

If you are a good fit for MindFix, then YES, absolutely! The results we share on our site from our graduates are typical. We’re consistently deliver powerful results because we have such a strict screening and application process: we look to make sure you’re the type of person who will see life changing, rapid results if you apply yourself and complete your responsibilities during your program.

So if I do MindFix, what exactly…gets “fixed”?

The great news?

You actually don’t need fixing.  🙂

We simply get to work together during your program to clear patterns of thought, emotions, and behaviors that aren’t serving you.

The beautiful part about MindFix is that YOU get to choose what you want to shift. YOU get to pick what defines success–and then we work together to fix exactly that (and more).

What kinds of patterns do you help people with?

Chances are, if you’re getting in your own way, you’re looking at a problem we can alleviate for you.

Examples of problems people have completely eliminated by the time they graduate from MindFix include…

  • negative self-talk
  • inability to set boundaries
  • procrastination
  • fears (of every flavor: fear of…. the future, sales calls, conflict, not making enough money, clients, difficult conversations, failure, success….)
  • low self esteem
  • money blocks
  • anger
  • trouble delegating
  • excessive ruminating
  • worry about the future
  • problematic habits
  • inability to raise rates
  • general stress levels
  • entrepreneur-specific stresses
  • imposter syndrome
  • fears related to rejection
  • perfectionism
  • not doing what you know you NEED to do
  • never feeling good enough
  • worrying about what others think of you
  • fear of public speaking
  • conflict avoidance
  • avoidance of important tasks
  • lack of focus
  • inability to plan/dream about the future
  • …and so much more.

Will I make more money if I do a MindFix program?

Doubling your business revenue, huge salary increases…. we do hear these things from our clients all the time.  So, it won’t shock us in the least when you experience them as well and share the details with us.

Do I ever get hypnotized and lose control during this program?

Not to worry — you’re actually in control of all your sessions, 100% of the time.

Is this going to take a lot of my time every week?

On average, clients require 1 – 3 hours/week for ~3 months to see exceptional results.

I’ve already tried therapy/coaching/mentoring/XYZ course and it didn’t work…


So, first tings first: that wasn’t actually a question.

But don’t worry, we’ve got an answer for you anyway: if you’ve done a lot of work already, that typically makes OUR job even easier. It’s actually a benefit; in fact, we tend to see faster results when we work with people who have invested time and money and energy into personal development in the past, because they’ve already given thought to several of the questions we end up asking throughout the process.

Yeah, but will MindFix work for ME???

While nothing in this world is 100%, our extensive application and screening process that we’ve honed over the last 4 years helps us identify, with a high level of accuracy, who is a good fit and who may not be ready for our work. And on the off chance you begin your program only to realize it’s not a perfect fit, you’re covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee.


Is the program mentally draining? Stressful? Is it HARD work?

Most clients report that MindFix work is not only enjoyable, but that they look forward to their sessions every week. Here’s how a recent graduate described his sessions in an exit interview: “I looked forward to the coaching sessions. With other programs/coaches I tried in the past I felt like session were not fun. MindFix sessions were FUN for me.”

What will I be like after I finish MindFix?

If you’re like the majority of our clients, you’ll tell us you feel “more YOU” than you ever have, or that you feel like a completely upgraded, version 2.0 of YOU. That’s because we don’t change the essence of who you are–we bring out the real, most amazing version of you during the program. You’re going to love her (or him).

When you're tired of getting in your own way, and you know you're capable of SO much more, it's time to talk to us.


    Questions? We’re here to help. Drop us a quick note and we’ll get back to you asap.