I’m Okay With Being Me

Recently, myself and five of my rockstar MindFix team members hosted a private event in Breckenridge, CO for a small group of incredible, high-performing humans who flew in from across the country to release the mental, emotional, and physical roadblocks holding them back.

The results were downright astounding.* (see below)

(But that’s actually not what I’m sharing today.)

On the first day, as we all got to know another, we sat in a circle and each shared with one another what causes us to feel embarrassed.

One by one each person confessed their embarrassment triggers.

“Saying the wrong thing.”

“Making a mistake.”

“Not knowing what to do.”

“Letting people know the real me.”

“Sharing details about my past.”

“Having the spotlight on me.”

“Not having the RIGHT answer.”

And one by one, as each person spoke, I marveled to myself, “Huh, I don’t actually get embarrassed by that anymore.”

In fact, the entire circle shared their individual responses and by the time it came around to my turn, I remember thinking…

“I’m not embarrassed by any of those things, anymore. They ALL used to embarrass me but they just … don’t these days. WOW.”

I hadn’t realized this until this meeting.

I hadn’t realized how free I’ve felt for so long now; it’s just became my new normal.

I am me.

And when I was growing up, and for looooong into my adulthood, I was often embarrassed (or downright mortified) by my performance, by my lack of performance, for my inability to be perfect, for my words, for what I did, for what I didn’t do, for what I was and for what I was not.

I’m just..not anymore.

The MindFix work I’ve done on myself over the years has allowed me to shed shame, guilt, and embarrassment and allowed me to just be me.

I had no idea what a relief it was and no idea how far I’d come until I sat in this circle of amazing humans and realized I no longer felt ashamed for being not perfect for being seen
for being too much to some and too little to others …or just…


After a childhood and many years of adulthood not being okay with who I was, it feels truly amazing to recognize and honor I’m fully okay with being me now.

Even better, I’m SO honored and excited to help more and more people every year experience this same freedom, this ability to breathe, this ability to fully BE okay with who one truly Is.

SO much energy is freed up when one doesn’t feel ashamed for who they are and how they express themselves.

I hope You get to experience this, too.

* (One of the participants, in fact, is a leader in the transformation world himself, and shared, “This was BEYOND anything I’ve ever experienced before when it comes to self-improvement. It’s made a tremendous different in my and my business partner’s life on the DEEPEST levels.” (eeeeeee!!!)

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