The ONE thing that gets us such incredible results at MindFix?

Lately I’ve been getting asked about the secrets behind HOW my new business has grown SO quickly.

Friends, strangers, followers, and colleagues have been asking how—in BARELY OVER 1/2 A YEAR—my weeks continue to be filled with too-good-to-be-true occurrences like….

  • having 2 top business coaches/mentors approaching and pitching ME — to work with THEM.
  • being interviewed about my story on the same shows as Jay Abraham and Russell Brunson
  • getting offered to be flown out to CA, wined/dined, and put up in a nice hotel—to record a mindset training that we’d receive a rev share on.
  • building out a wait list of clients
  • building out a wait list of coaches who want to be trained/work for us
  • consistently selling 5-figure programs with 15-20 minute conversations
  • having a brilliant business-mind fly across the country to meet with me for 2 days to discuss partnership possibilities
  • getting an invite to be on the Sandler Training (yes THE international Sandler Sales Corporation) podcast (happened 2 days ago)
  • Getting an ownership/partnership offer from an established international institute that’s existed for decades

And when people ask me “HOW did you do this??….

…I share that there’s *one* specific thing—more than ANYTHING else—I OBSESS over that’s contributed to our incredible fortune.


 It’s not being a numbers guru.

 It’s not having the most amazing logo or visual identity or tagline ever.

 It’s not having my message nailed down 100% (though playing with messaging and connecting with our target audience *has* been big).

 It wasn’t having a rock solid business plan.

 It wasn’t having perfect operations in place.




…. that I’ve OBSESSED over more than *anything else* in this business is this:

 Delivering the EXACT results we promise our clients. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. 
Without fail.


Here’s how my SINGLE-MINDED FOCUS on getting our clients the EXACT results we promise has skyrocketed our growth:

  • When people reach out, they *already* have the confidence we WILL deliver what we promise. THERE IS NO DOUBT. And when there’s no doubt, “selling” is easy.
  • When clients refer us to friends, they look like rock stars because they KNOW we will help their friends fix their problems—without question.
  • When I speak on podcasts, on stage, to potential partners — my confidence is UNWAVERING in our ability to do what we say we can do. There is no cognitive dissonance (see my post from yesterday on that) and there is no self-doubt. My confidence *increases* each day.
  • It’s easier to make investments that grow the business when there is no question we have a model that changes people’s lives forever.
  • Consistent results are like FREE MARKETING. I can’t tell you how often I get PMs from strangers who’ve “heard about me” because “people talk about the crazy consistent results you’re getting.”
  • We don’t get confused with or lumped into the over-stuffed categories of life coaches and change agents. People KNOW we’re different because we actually guarantee our results and share the proof week after week.


I see people running around trying to make #allthethings in their 5, 6, and low-7-figure businesses just right.

– Their website copy.
– Testimonials.
– Logos.
– Org charts.
– Elevator pitches.
– Good coaches/mentors.
– Podcasts.
– Facebook posts.
– Onboarding processes.
– Document designs.
– Automations.

…and I can’t help but wonder how much quicker they could grow if they’d put as much energy into delivering the EXACT results their clients so DESPERATELY need help with and want them to deliver.


What would happen if you shifted more energy into figuring out how you could deliver the EXACT results your clients crave with steady consistency?

While I don’t know the exact answer to that question….

….I imagine it’d be something rather amazing.

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