When It’s Hard to Follow Instructions

I recently spoke with an agency owner who had been told by her business mentor she needed to start bringing up budget on her first call with prospects if she wanted to take her business to the next level. (She’d been spending ~10+ hours/week talking to financially unqualified prospects…)

Here’s the rub, though…

She was raised in a family where “IT’S NOT OKAY TO TALK ABOUT/ ASK PEOPLE ABOUT MONEY.”

And a part of her still believes that to be true.

She’s a human.

This means she acts according to what she believes to be true.

So guess what she did after receiving her mentor’s advice?

Week 1:

She conveniently “forgets” said advice on every call for one week.

(All while knowing she needs to implement or she’ll stay stuck.)

Week 2:

She does her very best to bring up $$$ during prospect calls, but it’s painful, agonizing, embarrassing, and horrible for her, even after practicing.

(Why? Because a part of her believes that what she’s doing is flat out WRONG.)

Is she sucking it up and hustling and being strong and “pushing through the resistance?”


Yet she’s NOT getting any new clients from it because the people on the other end of the line can feel her energy, her discomfort, and the part of her that’s not okay talking about money.

It was very draining and frustrating for her.

So often, we end up fighting against the paths we end say we want to follow because some part of us believes what we’re doing is bad or wrong or dangerous — based on what trickled down into our subconscious from earlier in life.

Listen all y’all. This is self-sabotage.

Doesn’t matter if you pay $5k, $10k, $50k, $100k+.

You’re a human.

You’re going to continue to act according to what parts of you believe to be true.

The really great news is there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you.

You are working exactly as you’ve been programmed to act. There are just parts protecting you and trying to keep you safe that haven’t gotten the message yet that you’re okay.

We get to go in, find them, and lovingly help them realize that you can be safe and happy following your dreams.

When this happens, and you’re in full alignment – the magic begins….

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