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In the meantime, to make sure we have time to get to what really matters on our call, please watch the important videos before you arrive…


THIS is it—the video that explains it all.

This 8 minute video walks you through how MindFix clients are able to experience such consistent, powerful results and strip away the biggest mental barriers holding them back from achieving all they’re capable of.

This is the video that explains HOW we do what we do….


Is it worth the investment??

Our clients not only make their money back, they open up the ability to make far more than they’ve ever made before.

Watch this 6:53 video from a 2020 MindFix graduate, James Miller, who explains how he found the money to invest in MindFix even though he was $.5M in debt — and how him investing in himself changed EVERYTHING.


Is MindFix too good to be true??

In this 11:36 video, renowned podcaster Joe Fier of the Hustle and Flowchart show spills the beans about his MindFix experience, sharing the surprising and incredible results he’s noticed since investing in the program.


Learn how it FEELS to experience MindFix…

Curious what doing the work will FEEL like? Ryan Moran is a recent MindFix graduate. In this 5:30 video, Ryan shares what it feels like to do MindFix work. In a nutshell, as the work progresses, you remain “you” — life just gets easier.

“I was still the same ME, but that THING I used to work around was gone and… it STAYED gone.”

Step 5: See what recent MindFix graduates are saying

Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial
Client Testimonial

Want to see more client results? Take a look here….

Erin’s “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session:

You don’t have to wait until your Clarity Call. Get your remaining burning questions answered… now.

In this pubic 2022 “Ask Me Anything” Q&A session, Erin answered the most common questions nearly every person interested in MindFix feels curious about — along with all other questions attendees brought to her during the live event. The full session runs ~80 minutes in length.

Question 1: How can one work with you? What is it like to work with you? Is it a course, a program, one-on-one? What does it mean to do MindFix? (2:04)

Question 2: What’s the program like? What do you actually do in the program? (5:19)

Question 3: Why is MindFix able to get results when I have been going to therapy for 30 years without them? (8:19)

Question 4: What does it cost to work with MindFix Group? (12:56)

Question 5: How do we (MindFix Group and client) choose what the client is going to work on in their program? (16:00)

Question 6: How does the landscape of assessments and tests like Kolbe, map onto the landscape of what MindFix does? (29:54)

Question 7: What if you have an extreme resistance to digging into past emotions? (35:50)

Question 8: Does MindFix eliminate the need for ongoing coaching? (41:54)

Question 9: What is the next step if you are interested in moving forward? (46:12)

Question 10: Have you had clients who know they are excessively reliant on other people’s opinions of them? (49:26)

Question 11: How much of the time do your clients see patterns in their life that seem suspicious but are not completely logical? (51:54)

Question 12: Do you find that people see once they are narrating their lives in a way that is causing suffering that they are able to change what is getting in their way? (55:00)

Question 13: It sounds like you go for the felt experience as well as the awareness around the patterns. How important is it to get to the past events? (56:09)
It sounds like you go for the felt experiences as well? (57:36)

Question 14: Since you focus on business owners with a big vision of success, would my personal issues (scared of success, success is not safe) be a possible fit for your program? (1:01:33)

Question 15: Do you work with people who aren’t clear on what they want? (1:04:53)

Question 16: Do you know that you sparkle at certain points when you talk about what you offer?

Question 17: I had success before but it was never stable or financial. Is that something that can be resolved by you or how can I work through this? (1:09:14)