For Those Looking To Experience Positive Change, Soon

MindFix Core Program

If you have an important area in your life where you want measurable, meaningful relief, progress, or improvement, our MindFix Core may be exactly what you’ve been looking for.
  • 8 weeks.
  • 1 hour/week.
  • 4 spots open for July/August 2023
  • Lowest investment to experience MindFix, ever. (We’re looking for testimonials in exchange.)
  • Life-changing, measurable improvements in any one area of your life most important to you, right now.

Reduce the internal friction to feel freer and happier
with more peace, ease, and clarity.

In your sessions, we’ll dive straight in and uncover the internal blocks and limitations keeping you stuck, and to help you experience change, quickly.

We may explore memories, beliefs, thoughts, body sensations, feelings, judgements, fears, concerns, habits, etc. as we reduce mental and emotional friction so that you can finally experience what you’re looking for, and improvement in any key area of your life, whether that’s…

  • relationship to yourself
  • relationship to others
  • general mood/feelings
  • quality of thoughts
  • capacity to do great work
  • confidence or belief in yourself
  • work habits (procrastination, perfectionism)
  • frustrating fears or doubts that slow you down


“Within the first session, the investment I made was paid back.
My stress has been cut in half, my outlook is clear and positive again, and I’m getting twice as much done as before. THANK YOU.

– Erik T.

I have had 2 of the new MindFix sessions, and both have been amazing.  We powered through my entire list of identified items to work through. I am blown away by how quickly and effectively things have shifted in my life. This has been life changing already and I’ve only had 2 of my sessions.

– Dan

The 60-second “Will It Work For ME Test?”

We have found that nearly all the clients who experience results with our work are able to pass this 60-second test before they begin.  This test has 2 steps and takes less than 60 seconds.  We’ll walk you through it before you pay a penny to ensure you’ll be able to see results in this program — making sure you’ll be a good fit and able to experience the results you want.

The Investment

We have 2 options: $4995 or $3495.

Here are the details:

In the past, the minimum investment to work with MindFix has been $12k. And our 6-month Platinum Program is $30k.

The MindFix Core program will target and measurably improve any important area of your life, for a smaller investment.

We have 3 spots open for a two-month Core Program with a senior coach for $4995.
We have 1 spot available with a junior coach for $3495.

In exchange for this special offer, we would request a video testimonial at the end of your program that shares your success with others.

When we launch this new program to the public, we will return with our minimum price of $12k.


Interested? Let’s play.

These 4 spots will be taken on a first-come, first served basis.

Book a 15-minute chat with Erin to take your 60-second “Will it work for me” test + grab your spot.
(Or, email her to get going even faster.)