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Why You Experience Anxiety, Self-Sabotage, and a Harsh Inner Critic (And How to Actually Clear it For Good)

Our original training video continues to help people just like you gain clarity on *why* they get held back by frustrating thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.  It then goes one step further and walks you through how it’s possible to shift these things once and for all–even when hard work, therapy, and coaching haven’t lead to the results you’ve been hoping for.

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Quick Video Clip: How Rapid Change is (Very) Possible 
MindFix explainer video

Our famous 8-minute “triangle video” maps out a visual explanation that helps make sense as to why so many of your past efforts to change may not have worked as well as you hoped — and what to focus on moving forward to help you see meaningful results.

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Free Podcast Interviews

  • Getting Unstuck from Self-Sabotage (Katie Wells Interview):
    Highlights include discussion on the foundation of self-worth, a common side-effect of “being strong” and “pushing through” discomfort, the role the subconscious mind plays when it comes to our mental roadblocks, and how we can shift our perspective in a way that isn’t a temporary band-aide.
  • The Surprising Secret Behind What’s Holding You Back (EO Fire):
    Interview with John Lee Dumas of EO Fire. Highlights include the discussion of how change does not have to be complicated or takea  long time, how the subtraction of your mental roadblocks will get you what you want faster than the addition of new strategies, and how the actions you take each day are based on your thoughts and feelings — meaning focusing on shifting those is an ultra high leverage activity.
  • “How to Succeed” (Overcoming Business Headtrash)
    A Sandler Sales International interview. Highlights include the discussion of how to actually overcome, once and for all, the “head trash” issues that negatively impact the attitudes, behaviors, and techniques people need to increase their business success.

Quick read: What’s happening when I get triggered?

A simple, easy-to-understand explanation of why we often experience oversized reactions.

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Quick read: Why the people who want to change the most often have the hardest time

A simple, easy-to-understand explanation of what often happens when we so deeply want to change and keep trying, over and over again, but nothing seems to work.

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Free Video: Watch an Actual Belief Elimination Process

Limiting and problematic beliefs can be removed from the mind using a variety of methods. Some methods take a few minutes. Some take longer. Watch us remove one of the most harmful limiting beliefs a client had held onto about himself, in this live demo session.

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Grab this incredible email series chock full of personal stories, client experiences, and tips for your improved mental wellness.  As a thanks for signing up we’ll start you off with a video that explains the “why” behind the peculiar phenomenon known as self-sabotage.

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Free Self-Inquiry Tool: Awareness + Opportunity Audit (AOA)

Wondering what you might want to improve in your life, or where you might like to level up to see the most ROI?  This 11-part PDF is a self inquiry tool that serves as a powerful starting point for increasing your self-awareness and uncovering hidden gold mines of areas that, when addressed, can vastly increase your productivity, peace, and happiness.

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