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By the end of our call together, you’ll have new clarity about what’s holding you back and how you’re getting in your own way. Most people walk away feeling confident, with new strategies to tackle their immediate challenges.  And, by the end of the call, we’ll either invite you into the program or—if we decide together we’re not a great fit—suggest a better-fitting alternative resource for you to explore.

Are You a Fit for the MindFix Signature Program?

You’re likely a good fit if you’re…

  • a high achiever / performer
  • an entrepreneur, business owner, someone excelling in the corporate world, or athlete–with a big vision of success
  • excited about committing 1 – 3 hours/week to (literally) upgrade your life
  • someone who’s tried other modalities with limited results (NLP, CBT, EMDR, RTT, etc.)
  • passionate about improving and investing money + time into yourself
  • someone who takes ownership of your life

You’re likely NOT a good fit if you…

  • blame others for what’s happening in your life
  • are fine with where you are in life (no drive to grow or achieve more)
  • don’t feel giddy and excited about the possibility of leveling up
  • aren’t willing to look into your past to gain insights into your present
  • do not have the financial capacity to invest in changing your life

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