A painful game 99.5%* of us play every day




You are doing this.

Every single day.

Here are some quick real-life examples. Can you identify?

  • My friend Holly was deeply upset she found out her husband cheated on her. (“This is the worst thing that could have happened to me!!”)
  • My friend Jenny was incredibly bummed when she found out there was unexpected construction work on HWY 1 when in CA, and would delay her (perfectly-planned-out) arrival in Santa Barbara. (“This is NOT how my day was SUPPOSED TO GO!!”)
  • Years ago I was beyond horrified when I discovered our agency had been the recipient of a massive negative SEO attack, and 15 years of google rankings were lost over the course of a week. (“Nothing good can come of this…….”)

In each example, someone was upset,  horrified, or devastated because things didn’t go the way  we thought they SHOULD work out for us…

And yet…

  • Had Holly not learned about her husband’s infidelity, she’d not have gotten a divorce or been motivated to leave the frigid town she’d moved to for So Cal (where she met her dream man and ended up living the dream life she is today). She would have stayed in a lackluster, “meh” relationship in a “Meh” place to live with a man who she felt “meh” about.
  • Had Jenny not taken the long detour off of HWY 1, she never would have seen and rolled down her window for a woman out on a neighborhood walk who turned out to be an international media mogul….who ended up offering Jenny a job 1000x more fulfilling than what she’d had. (!!!)
  • Had my agency not been attacked and experienced decimation in our Google rankings, I likely would have never given serious consideration to leaving the industry, asked myself the hard questions about what I was contributing, or started to wonder whether I was continuing to build the right company. This “catastrophic” experience was a catalyst that changed my life’s direction and started me down the path to creating MindFix.

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In each example, incredible possibilities sprung from these “HORRIBLE” events that were greater than ANYTHING my friends could have mapped out or planned for themselves with their logical, rational minds.

So often, we throw grown-up hissyfits when something happens that isn’t the way we think things SHOULD happen.

I cannot read the future like a book.

Nor can you.

What might happen if, for a day or for a week you were open to unexpected, unplanned, seemingly-“bad” events and outcomes actually being paths to possibilities that are as good or EVEN BETTER THAN  what your conscious, logical, rational mind can plan out?


I invite you to play with this and become one of the few that doesn’t constantly insist he/she knows how things SHOULD play out.

Uncomfortable at first. Empowering beyond belief once you get the hang of it.

* 99.5% = according to my rough calculations.

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