Careful About What Your Mentors Present as Truth

I still remember opening up this newsletter from Perry Marshall a few years ago and having his parting words hit me like a ton of bricks.

I love Perry Marshall.

I love how he shares how he’s grown leaps and bounds since working on his headtrash.

I remember not loving, though, how he sets people up to struggle with their mindsets.

Multiple times in his paper newsletters, he’s insisted that headtrash removal work…IS THE HARDEST WORK YOU’LL EVER DO.

I lovingly disagree. With passion.

Now yes, it’s likely the hardest work HE’S ever done. But Perry hadn’t worked with MindFix back in 2018. ????

So he was projecting his personal experiences out to all his thousands upon thousands of followers, repeatedly insisting that if anyone ever expects to make an impact on their headtrash, it would absolutely be hard work.


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Our clients are living proof of this,  every single day.

Headtrash they’ve had for decades goes away in  HOURS without hard work.

It’s less like magic and more like clockwork, when they follow our system.

It’s so predictable we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on our Signature Program.

We’ve figured out something that even experts like Perry Marshall STILL think is impossible:

???? Headtrash removal and rapid mindset transformation can be FAST AND EASY. ????

Part of our mission is reaching out to influencers spreading these fallacies about how HARD IT MUST BE to help them change their tune–so they can spread hope and possibility to the masses.

More people in the world need to know that powerful change and healing IS possible for them.

Real change and healing can be easy.

Real change and healing can be within their reach.

Just because something was difficult for someone else — even for one of the experts you deeply respect — DOES NOT MEAN it’s going to be difficult for others, including you.

Work with the right person, system, or team, and EVERYTHING can be different.

What Perry INSISTS is “the hardest work you’ll ever do” can actually be fast, easy, and even pleasant.

Our clients know this deeply. My hope is that someday you’ll find this out for yourself too.

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