A Tough Week

Monday was VERY difficult. There were tears.

Tuesday, I lost one of my best friends. Forever.

Wednesday, I experienced a potentially major setback in my multi-year battle against physical pain.

Thursday, I learned my mentor—who I work closely with and love with all my heart—was in a horrific car accident and is now in the ICU.


You know what I do.

(CliffsNotes for those looking like deer in the headlights right now: I rapidly eliminate the biggest mental roadblocks holding high performers back from achieving what they know they’re capable of.)

Does that mean I have some magical rainbow brain and don’t experience sadness and grief? That I don’t get consistently challenged on this adventure we call Life?

Fuck no.

I’m not a positivity coach.
I don’t claim the impossible.
And I’m no different than you.

Me experiencing deep sorrow much of this week isn’t a failure.

It’s yet another sign I’m a human being.

Not much else.


Those who doubt the work we do at MindFix cry things like…

???? “It’s IMPOSSIBLE to be ‘fixed’!”

???? “You can’t possibly make people happy all the time!!”

???? “Nothing in life is permanent so there’s no way you can be telling the truth about what you do.”

And this is the perfect opportunity for me to clarify so we can prevent future miscommunications.

➡️ Emotions are part of being human. No different than breathing It is normal to experience ALL emotions across the spectrum. We would never claim to make people happy all the time. No idea where that’s coming from.

➡️ Feeling sadness and grief is NOT failure. Being mentally strong doesn’t mean you don’t feel sadness.* Don’t get that mixed up, please.

➡️ We don’t do lobotomies with our clients. We don’t “fix” brains. We actually eliminate undesired, problematic PATTERNS of behavior and emotions that our clients want to see gone from their lives, forever.

➡️ Patterns CAN go away permanently. So stop yapping that nothing is permanent. I know someone who used to bite her nails in elementary school. She doesn’t do that anymore and she’s middle aged. You going to tell her that her pattern isn’t gone permanently? Is it POSSIBLE she may start to bite her nails in the final decades of their lives? Sure, anything’s possible. But for the sake of a normal human everyday conversation, she’d sure say that pattern is gone, permanently.

➡️ This type of week would have DESTROYED me prior to doing MindFix work on myself. Now, I experience the sadness, sit with it, and know I’m still (and will be) ok. I’m not destroyed. I’m just deeply sad. I’m human. I’m ok.


So, I hope this cleared things up.

I hope you’ll no longer assume I am some alien that doesn’t feel sadness because my mind is “fixed”.

I’m not.

I’m just someone who 80/20s high achievers’ mindsets and gets rid of whatever is standing between them and them making the money they want and living the lives they want.

That’s ALL.

I don’t claim more than that.

Oh, and to the handful of you who’ve been there for me during the last few days:

Thank you.
And I love you.

* My personal opinion is that these things become undesirable when they become your consistent patterns that don’t shift though. (Speaking from deep personal experience here.)

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