Normalization Dysfunction

Diagnosis: kinda like Erectile Dysfunction. (Except you can’t take a pill to make it go away and it impacts more than your penis.)

I call it Normalization Dysfunction. ND.

It’s impacting at least 6 of my friends/colleagues right now.

I know it’s super embarrassing for them to go through. It’s hard for them to talk about it, let alone ADMIT they have it.

Here’s how someone *without* ND functions:
They expand their successes by experiencing Normalization: leveling up, getting acclimated to the new level of success (whether that’s with revenue, lifestyle, health, etc), then repeat.

This is how 5, then 6, then 7 figure months become “new normals” to people.

We adjust.
We acclimate.
We calibrate to new set points.

Thing is, my friends struggling with Normalization Dysfunction put in the effort, level up…………….

…….but then suddenly find themselves INCAPABLE of Normalizing.

They can’t seem to calibrate to their new level of success.

Freaks them out.

They don’t know what to do.

Panic, anxiety, fear.

Instead of Normalizing and then leveling up to the next level of success, I watch them Self-Sabotage.

Sometimes in slo-mo.
It’s hard to watch.

They blow themselves up.
Sometimes they blow up their relationships.
They procrastinate.
They freak out.
They literally undo the success they achieved.
They can’t acclimate.
They sit around and fear it’s all going to come crashing down and they’re going to be found out—which then creates self-fulfilling prophecies.
The few that do PUSH through to level up again do so against pure resistance and fear and burn themselves out.

Sadly, most guys are so embarrassed to be struggling with ND they won’t ask for help.

They’re embarrassed, ashamed.

And there’s no blue pill to fix ND.

So if you are OVER feeling this way and wish you could Normalize like a healthy, successful person — you gotta pull the problem out at the root so it doesn’t impact you anymore.

I’ve watched a ton of friends and clients break free of the Dysfunction. All I want you to know is that getting rid of it IS TOTALLY POSSIBLE. Permanently. Without more stress.

Sucks you have it.

But it’s easily reversible.

This means continuing to struggle with it is an option YOU ARE CONTINUING TO CHOOSE DAILY.

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