An entrepreneur looks back on his MindFix experience two years later

Timothy DickTwo years ago, Tim Dick came to MindFix as a successful entrepreneur (take a look at his original case study). He had shepherded multiple companies from infancy to being valued at millions of dollars. He was the definition of a success.

Yet, Tim struggled to find joy in his achievements. While everyone congratulated him on all that he had accomplished, he couldn’t help but doubt himself. He was uncomfortable talking about his success with others, and lacked confidence.

After working with MindFix, Tim made dramatic improvements in his outlook towards his business and his life, despite his initial skepticism. He tackled many challenges, including the often crippling effects of Imposter Syndrome (a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their skills, talents or accomplishments), and found himself streamlining his life, and re-engaging with his businesses.

But many people wonder are these changes permanent? Is MindFix providing a long-term solution to the mental roadblocks that arise in the lives of successful entrepreneurs?

After two years, this video demonstrates that the answer is a resounding ‘YES’.

Two years after his MindFix experience, Tim sat down with Matt and Joe from the Hustle & Flowchart podcast and talked about how the program had made permanent and dramatic changes to his life. The program has allowed him to take his career to a new level, and at the same time, help keep his stress levels way down, get past the low points, and celebrate the wins in his business and personal life.

Take a listen to Tim as he speaks about his MindFix experience – two years later.

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