Congratulations, You’re an Overwhelming Success! (So Why Do You Feel So… “Blah?”)

If you’ve ever dreamed of building a 7 or 8 figure business, here’s a word of warning—even millions upon millions in revenue might not make you happy. Here’s the reason.

Tim after MindFix:
“If someone asked me if I’d do MindFix again, it’s 100%, FOR SURE. Just in terms of dollars, I’ve gotten at least 20x my investment back, and that’s not even counting all the emotional pressure that I don’t feel—the pressure, the stress, all of that.”

Timothy DickWhat would you do if your hard work “paid off?” If, for example, someone came along and handed over hundreds of millions for the company you helped build from the ground up?

That’s precisely the spot in which Tim Dick found himself in 2012. After much blood, sweat and tears as Vice President of HostGator, the web hosting company a friend founded in a Florida State dorm room, a larger firm acquired the company for $225 million.

Tim was already a millionaire at the time from investments and other businesses and this elevated that to an even higher level.

Does that mean Tim has the golden touch?

You might think so, considering how the voice-over-internet-protocol (VOIP) firm he founded in 2006, VOIPo, is also worth millions. (AND the consulting company he runs was booked solid after his first email announcing it to the world.)



For Tim, something was missing.

The only person who never thought Tim was a success…
Was Tim himself.

“Even though I’d had a lot of success,” Tim explains, “I was just numb to everything. I suppressed all my feelings. I didn’t really get upset, but I didn’t get happy about anything, either.”

How would you react if you sold your firm for more than $200M?

Tim, incredibly, was blasé.

“I was just neutral. And it didn’t matter. Many of my best friends and I had made enough money for the rest of our lives, but for me there was just a disconnect from everything that was going on. Others at HostGator were celebrating, all I could think was “OK, so what’s next?”

Worse, he found himself turning down money in his consulting business.

“That’s one of the things that finally caught my attention. Why was I turning down bigger opportunities—why was I saying no to $30,000 engagements so I could work on $3,000 contracts?

“Why was I trying to stay in my safe zone?”

Why Tim was stuck in the safe zone
(and why you probably are, too)

Tim came to MindFix, where it quickly became clear that, although he had lived a life free of trauma, there was still a part of him that felt he wasn’t worthy of his achievements and accolades.

See, here’s the funny thing about the subconscious.

You can want as much success as you can get.

You can even actually BE massively successful.

But if, deep down, a part of you feels like you’re not good enough, or believes you don’t deserve all of that success, your path forward is going to be filled with resistance and subtle (or in some people’s cases, not-so-subtle) self sabotage.

If some part of you believes you’re not allowed to be happy when you’re successful…

You won’t be.

“I grew up in rural West Virginia, in a working-class middle-income family,” Tim says. “Then I found all this success.

“MindFix helped me realize that I still felt unworthy of it all. I was simultaneously trying to do more and more to prove to myself that I was worth it, and afraid of putting myself out there with larger clients because they would find out the ‘truth.’”

Why Tim wasn’t “all in” on MindFix at first—and what he soon found out

Fortunately, Tim hadn’t actively started destroying what had taken him so long to build—he had come to MindFix instead.

But the truth is that almost didn’t happen.

“I’m a busy guy—I thought that I just didn’t have the time to dig into all this stuff. So I was extremely hesitant to spend a lot of time ‘going down the rabbit hole.’

“But, really, right after the first session with MindFix I already had a lot of clarity on why I was holding back, afraid of failing, and so on.

“The MindFix program isn’t confrontational. It’s not intense at all—but it has the same results as a kind of transformative, bootcamp program. It’s actually very easy as you’re going through it—and SOOO fast.

“Which meant that even with everything else I was doing, I had no problems making time for it.”

A life-changing process

Two years after his MindFix experience, Tim sat down with the Hustle & Flowchart podcast and talked about how the program had made permanent changes to life.

What the future looks like for Tim

“I’m now a lot more decisive. I have so much more confidence in myself now. And I’ve eliminated the issues that I had with working with larger consulting clients.

“In my other businesses, too, I’ve been able to streamline so much. One of the companies I have averages $10,000 – $20,000 a day. That’s great, but I was kind of burnt out on it. However, when I fixed some things and re-engaged with the business, we went to market with a new product… and had a $100,000 day.

“If someone asked me if I’d do MindFix again, I’d say ‘100% for sure.’ Because just in terms of dollars, I’ve gotten at least twenty times my investment back.

“That’s not counting all the emotional pressure that I don’t feel—the pressure, the stress, all of that.”

“The last session or two I had with MindFix, I said ‘You know… I feel good. I don’t really have any problems to deal with today.

“That’s a really weird feeling. Because I had this person right in front of me who was ready to help me address anything and I just felt…

“We’ve already fixed everything!”

Erin’s Takeway

It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to make your first $1000 or your first million. (Or your tenth.)

If you’re in business at any level, you’re going to run into issues.


Because we show up in our businesses with beliefs and assumptions and emotions and stressors formed over our lives—what we at MindFix call “head trash”—that are typically quite tricky for you to see on your own.

They’re not like a broken arm—they don’t cause you immediate pain that’s so unbearable you run to urgent care.

But they’re no less damaging.

And as we saw with Tim, it’s only when you clear out that head trash that you can free yourself up to be the version of ‘you’ that you were meant to be…

Not simply “successful,” but happily so.


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