You May Have Been Unhappy Then. But You Can Definitely Be Ecstatic Now.

If you’re worried a difficult past is getting in the way of your future, here’s some great news—you CAN free yourself from it once and for all. And quickly.

Jenny after MindFix:
“I’m able to talk about what I want now—and more importantly, dream about it. My whole outlook is different.”

Jenny Schell

Ever been off the grid?

Camping, maybe. Or holed up for a week at a lake house. At night, things are so quiet you can almost hear the stars.

But at the end of your week, it’s back to reality—right?

Not so for Jenny Schell, who spent much of her childhood growing up in a tiny cabin on Pike’s Peak in Colorado.

Life on “America’s Mountain” was challenging, to say the least. With no electricity and the nearest running water a mile-and-a-half away in town, things were about as “back to basics” as you can get.

As if that weren’t difficult enough, family violence became a part of her older childhood… And reared its head again later in life.

That is, until she settled down with Chris, the long-lost friend who became her husband. Together, they founded Design Rangers, an award-winning Colorado design agency.

If you’ve read Chris’ story—he’s also a MindFix client—you’ll already know that Design Rangers is successful by most definitions of the word.

But Jenny and Chris found themselves somehow unable to dream or plan for the future.

The past is the past—but it can still get in the way of what’s to come

When Jenny started MindFix, she’d already been “looking at herself” for a while.

“I had been trying to work through some of my issues for a long time… Talking to my mom, going through therapy, trying EMDR, reading self-help books, and so on.

“But I could never shake the feeling that I just wasn’t valuable, either in my business or in life.”

This feeling left her unable to effectively manage employees at work.

It made it nearly impossible to sit down and be “taken care of” after an injury left her unable to walk for weeks.

And, understandably, it affected her ability to plan any kind of future goals, either for her marriage of nearly two decades, or the otherwise thriving business she and Chris ran.

Here’s what it’s like to be suddenly free of your “head trash”

To say Jenny responded well to the MindFix program is an understatement.

“The greatest thing about MindFix is that it’s immediate,” Jenny says. “As soon as you eliminate something that’s holding you back, it’s an instant change.

“Which meant that whatever we looked at in a particular session, it would literally just disappear—right then.

“It was just an immediate shift.”

We worked with Jenny to get rid of the erroneous beliefs and unconscious trauma she’d been dragging around, and empty out the “bucket” of emotional stress that had been flooding her mind for decades.

Suddenly she felt worthy—after living so long without that feeling.

“I carry myself differently. My whole outlook on life and business is different now. I was always working or cleaning or doing something to prove my worth.

“But just being? I’ve learned that’s worthy as well.”

What the future (!!!) looks like for Jenny

For the first time in her life, Jenny’s looking forward to what’s ahead.

“Chris and I are able to actually talk about what we want now—and, more importantly, dream about it. Which will be incredibly beneficial, both for the business and for our personal lives.

“And—I can’t believe I’m saying this—we bought fractional ownership of a condo in Breckenridge. Why? Because it just felt right. And because, for the first time, we can imagine doing something that doesn’t involve the business or our ‘normal’ everyday life…

“I got rid of all the crap that was holding me back.

“And we’re both so super excited about it.”

Erin’s Takeaway

Jenny’s been on an incredible journey—from a world full of struggle to a healthy, happy life with a loving husband and two great kids.

But for obvious reasons, she found herself powerless to plan ahead.

Now, just a few short weeks after the MindFix program, she’s looking at a completely different version of her life… One in which she and her husband have invested in the future—both emotionally, and with the condo, literally.

That’s a 180-degree shift for Jenny… But it’s the kind of thing we see every day with MindFix.

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  • What were the top 3 patterns you were hoping to eliminate when you began MindFix?
    1) Feeling anxious/irritated when asked to dream/plan/set life goals
    2) Feeling very uncomfortable when needing to have crucial conversations with my employees
    3) Feeling  guilty about my financial success & (hopefully) upcoming financial successes
  • Able to deal with daily events:
  • Hopeful about future: 

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