How to Stop “Drowning”—and Double Your Happiness

Have you ever felt like something was missing—no matter how happy you were supposed to be? Here’s why.

Karyn after MindFix: “I have more pleasure. More joy. And at least double the happiness. I don’t know exactly what my life is going to look like in a year… I just know that it’s going to be even better!”

If Karyn Blanco hadn’t taken a wrong turn almost two decades ago, she might have found herself looking at an entirely different life.

Karyn had been ALL IN on her LSATs, the qualifying exams that would be her ticket to law school. But after making the 90-minute drive from her home in the Rocky Mountains to busy Denver… She got lost.

When she finally reached the testing location—ridiculously late—all she got was a lecture.

How would she ever make it in law school if she couldn’t show up for a test? Blah blah blah.

But as she sat in her car, heartbroken, a thought occurred to her.

“Maybe there’s a reason this is happening… Maybe I’m just not supposed to argue with people for a living.”

So Karyn left the legal world behind and enrolled to learn about skin care, a subject about which she had always had So. Much. More. Passion.

Unfortunately, even that wasn’t enough.

The “follow your passion” myth—and why it takes so many people down

All these years later, Karyn runs a wildly successful skin care spa.

But it wasn’t just following her passion that got her there.

Because—for a long time at least—when it came to her own business, Karyn was hopelessly bogged down.

“I was just stuck. Feeling overwhelmed and wanting to go forward. Just getting in my own way. Not really knowing which direction to go in, or what exactly to focus on.

“For example, I just couldn’t raise my prices to make working worth my time. I was putting everybody else’s needs and finances and everything above myself.

“And I was drowning.”

Why even “successful” people can’t enjoy their success

On some level, Karyn knew that the things getting in my way weren’t real—but some part of her heart still believed them.

That’s a place a lot of high-achievers find themselves in.


Because most of us—from CEO to mail clerk—are carrying around false beliefs.

In Karyn’s case, things like “I’m not worth the extra money,” or “Nobody finds what I do valuable.”

But here’s the funny thing.

Our conscious mind only ever tells us things like “I don’t think my clients can’t afford higher rates,” or “With the economy being what it is, now’s probably not a good time to ask for more money.”

And THAT’S the secret reason why “following your passion” usually doesn’t work.

Because while your heart is telling you “Go live your dreams…”

Your conscious mind is saying “That sounds like a great idea! Provided the conditions are right, of course. Do some more research and if it checks out, it could work…”

But the whole time, your subconscious mind is silently repeating “Nope. Never going to happen, because you don’t deserve it.”

That’s like trying to drive a car with the gas pedal pushed to the floor… While your left foot is doing the same with the brake.

Here’s what happens when you remove subconscious garbage and accumulated stress you’ve been storing in your mind

Eventually, Karyn got tired of struggling.

“I’d been in therapy and counseling since I was 11 years old. But clearly, it wasn’t getting me the results I wanted.

“So I sat down with Erin at MindFix for maybe two hours. And here’s the amazing thing—after that first session, the belief that my needs weren’t as important as everybody else’s just disappeared.

“The very next day, I raised my rates so the price tag matched the value of what I was providing. And I didn’t have ANY guilt about it.

“And now I’m attracting clients who actually value what I do.”

What the future looks like for Karyn

Karyn has gone from worrying about raising her rates to being on-track to 2x her business.

And after working with us on her emotions and draining her subconscious stress levels, she made similar changes in her personal life, too.

Now she’s not living what she calls “half a life” anymore. “For the first time, I feel like I’m just as important as everybody else.”

“I can’t be there for everybody else the way that I need to… Unless I’m also there for myself first.”

As a result of this fundamental shift, she enjoys more free time. More happiness. More joy. And less stress.

And what you ask her what the future holds… Here’s what she says.

“I don’t know exactly what my life is going to look like in a year…

“I just know that it’s going to be better.”

Erin’s Takeaway

Karyn’s story is a great example of the power of clearing out your head trash—of getting out of your own way and letting YOU do YOU.

We THINK we ABSOLUTELY know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, what we CAN and CAN’T do.

Yet 100% of the time these ideas are based on wrong thinking. On garbage beliefs we don’t even realize we have.

But Karyn discovered that life doesn’t have to be that way—and you can too.

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