Four minutes is all it took…



I don’t do much 1:1 work anymore, but when I do… it’s so delightful.

A few days ago, a lovely woman from Florida shared with me that she was feeling absolutely terrified–and had been so for weeks–about a potentially conflict-laden conversation she needed to have this coming Friday.

She was agonizing over it.
She felt fear.
She didn’t want to be manipulated.

We hopped on a zoom session and in 4 minutes she looked at me through the screen and said,

“Oh my god it’s fine. I’m totally ready to do this. I have no fear, I can stand in my power and use my voice — I’m ready, that’s all I needed.”

Four minutes.

I couldn’t believe it myself.

Rapid transformation tools and techniques are here. They are possible NOW.

All that I’d secretly desired as I would trudge back and forth to traditional therapists offices back when I was a teenager — it’s here. Now.

  • Change can happen rapidly.
  • It no longer requires hours of efforting.
  • It doesn’t require repetition.

I am sitting here 2 days later still blown away by how this women went from fearful to excited about a conversation in 4.5 minutes, with me only saying a handful of words to her.

When YOU work on your frustrations or challenges — do you get the sense that you’re regularly *overcoming* them?

Or just numbing or coping with them?

If you’re looking for rapid transformation, apply for a free clarity call, where we can talk about what you’re looking to change, and we’ll see if I can’t share any suggestions to help you get there quicker.

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