A Proud Son’s Appreciation

I hear many stories of how MindFix has changed the lives of not just our clients – but their families. I love to tell those stories. But sometimes there is nothing more powerful than the words from the people we work with – and this case – both the client, Cindy, and her son, Sam.

Here is the post made by Sam speaking about how MindFix has changed both their lives:

Here is Cindy’s reply:

“Sam, thank you for introducing me to MindFix!!! I started out thinking I had some traumas and subconscious beliefs from only 20 years ago. MindFix and the amazing coaches I have worked with so far are helping me to see it goes way back further than 20 years ago. It truly is magic. Therapy helped me in the beginning of a huge trauma but never helped me heal like I am now. Turning 58 years old this year I thought I wouldn’t be able to feel any different than I have always felt. I have had so much lack of confidence, guilt and shame for not having a relationship with blood family, feeling like the dumbest person in the room my whole life…and more. Removing yourself from the toxic environment isn’t always a fix… you have to do the work to heal. This program is so amazing how it shifts your subconscious to stop those beliefs and allows you to be your true self without all those labels. I really don’t want my sessions to end! So many “A Ha” moments!

Erin Pheil you have something very amazing happening here! I dream of everyone in the world having a MindFix experience. Our world would a much healthier place.”

Can you get any better than that?

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