How a Man In His 40s Who’d Been Lazy His ENTIRE LIFE Discovered (In 30 Minutes) He Was Never, In Fact, Lazy at All…

Earlier this year, I worked 1:1 with an incredible, powerful Influencer (yes — Influencer with a capital “I” — odds are, you absolutely know this guy…).

Despite all his incredible successes, his companies, and his connections, in our first conversation he confessed he was actually nervous about his future and his happiness — because he struggled so desperately with feeling lazy and unmotivated nearly all the time.

No matter what he did, no matter which direction he moved in, he found himself NOT doing the work he knew he needed to.

He saw his inaction as laziness, and he was deeply frustrated with himself.

By the end of our first call together, we discovered his inaction stemmed NOT from laziness, but from a deep FEAR.

He feared that if he ever made wrong decisions —  he’d be Fucked. (<—his words, not mine.)

We also uncovered an old pattern he’d been clinging to of feeling like he couldn’t trust his own decisions.

Whoa. Imagine not being able to trust your decisions AND feeling convinced you’d be Fucked if you EVER made a not-perfect decision.

You’d probably find yourself regularly avoiding taking action, wouldn’t you?

Yes, most likely, because taking action would feel risky and terrifying.

So. We cleared out those 2 patterns on our next call.

And wouldn’t you know it, but this amazing Influencer has been on FIRE since then.

All after 40+ years of stalling, procrastination, and thinking of himself as lazy.

He’s preparing to start new businesses, closing down old businesses he was no longer passionate about, getting TONS of work done, meeting with executives of some of the world’s largest brands, meeting with a who’s-who of business leaders and making deals happen, literally re-discovering his passion and purpose — all with massive enthusiasm, and not a hint of fear.

So often what we THINK are character flaws (laziness, meanness, procrastination, etc.) are actually just FEARS in disguise.

The beautiful news is that, so often, instead of having to change who you are to become the person you want to be — you simply need toSUBTRACT the fears from your life to reveal the ACTUAL youthere behind the scenes, waiting to show upwith all its beauty and brilliance.

Clear your fears and the REAL you can come out to play.

No changing who you are necessary.

How beautiful is that?

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