Make (So Much) Money Just By Reading My Blog Posts!!

Or…at least read how this one lovely fellow did…

I recently received this incredible private message (totally out of the blue).

Wow!!!!!! ????

“Hey [Erin] just wanted to share a big business win thanks to one of your blog posts!

I closed a corporate deal with a big American company (you know, one of those tech companies that everyone knows). That could be a game changer for our business. Initial project will probably be $60K – $70K followed by more business. We were all happy and celebrating when yesterday the client said, “Oh, it’s taking longer to get vendors onboarded now. It may take you 6 months”.

My initial reaction was going on a negative downward spiral. “Fuck, what am I going to do? I can’t wait 6 months just to get this started” within a few minutes my brain was already telling me everything was going to fail and I would be homeless and starving…

Then, I remembered your articles about successful people asking better questions. And I asked, “Okay, given this current situation what is the best thing I could do?”

I came up with the idea of maybe billing through an already registered vendor. I went through my whole network and found someone who had worked in the past with the corporate client who will be willing to do the billing.

I immediately messaged the company who said. “Oh that’s a great idea, let’s get this project kicked off next week, and in the meantime we will continue going through your registration process”.

So, in minutes I went through “homeless and starving” in a negative mood that could have lasted days—to a BIG win for my business.

So, thank you so much for that!”

So much good!

Now, I would say, how are you going to work a little bit of the same mindset magic for yourself today?

How might you be able to change the questions you’re asking yourself to change your outcomes?

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