It happened again: another angry client.

I got on a phone call a short while ago with a MindFix client who was part-way through his program.

He started off immediately with, “Erin, I’m NOT happy with my results.”

I was a little surprised.

So I asked him to tell me more.

“I still have self doubt!!!” he snapped back at me.

“I see,” I replied to him.

I then pulled up his records, reviewing what his team had recorded about his sessions and results.

After reviewing for a moment, I said to him:

“It looks like you came in wanting to work on two things: your self-doubt as well as your lifelong people-pleasing pattern — or and how you always put others’ wants and needs in front of yours?”

“Yes. That’s right.”

“And from what I’m seeing here from your coaches, it looks like last week you reported that people-pleasing is actually no longer an issue for you?”

“That’s right, it’s not something that’s a problem for me — I told you, I’m frustrated because I’m several weeks in and I’m still dealing with all sorts of self-doubt.”

“Gotcha,” I replied.

“So, just to be clear — it sounds like you came in with two life-long issues. People-pleasing and self-doubt. You’re not even 1/2 way through a Signature Program and the first of those two issues is gone from your life after you’ve been struggling with it for decades?”



When you put it that way…

Yes. Wow.


I supposed that IS something to celebrate, eh…? I hadn’t really thought of it like that before. I’ve just been thinking about how I still doubt myself. Well… holy shit. This is pretty dang cool.”

As humans, so often we don’t experience more than momentary gratitude nor do we notice the tremendous relief experienced when splinters are pulled, once and for all, from our flesh.

So often we instead shift our attention to the NEXT splinter, focusing on how much THAT one hurts.

Then we repeat, continually pointing to the next splinter, then the next, overlooking or even denying the incredible good occurring as the healing takes place within us.

Please know: there is no shaming here.

This is simply how many of us learned to operate.

If this is you, (as it was me and as it is so many others) remember: you have the ability to focus your attention on whatever you desire.You can choose differently.

The client on the call above left feeling happy and grateful once he shifted his attention to all he’d accomplished in a few short weeks, then felt excitement about what was possible if he continued to focus his time on clearing self-doubt.

From angry to delighted without anything changing other than what he focused his attention on.

You can do the same. Today.

If you choose to.

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