MindFix Group Showcased in Worth Magazine

Recently, our team was showcased in Worth Magazine. An article adapted from Bart Foster’s Business Outside book featured our work in a full-length article, detailing a step-by-step process for overcoming compulsive work and living more intentionally.

The article shares how, if you’re stuck in a pattern that’s not serving you, or if you’re experiencing some form of self-sabotage, it’s likely there are beliefs underpinning your challenge, beneath the surface — acting like mental programs running in the back of your mind — that are causing you to continue experiencing this pattern. And this is true whether you’re aware of these beliefs (and whether you agree with them) or not.

Bart Foster interviewed me and shared with the world how to the bottom of how compulsive workers can get to the root of their problems.

Read the article in full, and enjoy.

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