Becoming a Better You

Recently, the team here at MindFix worked with Jim – a successful Washington DC entrepreneur and business consultant.

Up until he began MindFix, Jim’s life and his personal success had been spent being defined by how many hours he worked and how much money he made.

“The grind was my badge of honor,” said Jim.

Jim routinely worked 20 hour days. And he had the ability to remove any emotion from every problem that arose. But such a lifestyle can take a heavy toll – and it led to Jim becoming deeply unhappy and unsatisfied with his life.

He tried everything to find some modicum of contentment – talk therapy, self-education books, obsessive exercise routines, red wine.

Nothing worked…

…until MindFix.

After just a few sessions with the MindFix team, Jim was able to unpack years of beliefs and stories that were barriers in his search for happiness and a place of peace. Now he says, “I’m a better friend, I’m a better colleague, and I’m a better me.  I’m HAPPY!!!!!!”

Listen to Jim talk about his journey to a better place.

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