The 6 Words That Separate You From Negative Thoughts, Keep You From Blindly Jumping To Conclusions + Build Instant Self-Awareness

You and I, thousands of times a day, mindlessly engage in one harmful habit:

A disempowering thought or judgement will cross our mind, and then…


Yea. Not always a great thing to do.

  • “John definitely does not like me.”
  • “I don’t deserve to speak at this event.”
  • “It would be impossible to complete by this Friday.”

Here are the 6 words to decrease the negative side-effects of this habit + separate yourself from these kinds of thoughts:

  • Now
  • I’m (yes, counting the contraction as one word. Deal with it.)
  • having
  • the
  • thought
  • that….
  • [insert your thought here]


“Now I’m having the thought that this phone call is going to be seriously uncomfortable for me.”


Putting these 6 words in front of your disempowering thoughts throughout the day, especially when said aloud…

  • separates you from your thoughts
  • brings awareness to the tapes playing in your mind (because you can’t change something if you’re not aware of it)
  • instantly shows you that your thought isn’t necessarily THE TRUTH
  • often naturally invites you to start coming up with other possibilities or alternative interpretations
  • transforms your words from a guessed statement of fact (that your brain then latches onto and takes off with…) into an OBSERVATION about a concern you have.
  • has the power to start radically different conversations with those around you.
  • empowers you—just like meditation—to become an observer of your world, instead of a disengaged human who walks around reacting to everything.

This is too easy for you to not try.

Give it a shot. Seriously.

Powerful changes can sometimes come from just a tweak of your words.

TRY IT: “Now I’m having the thought that…”


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