What a 7-Figure Solopreneur Taught Me About “Never Enough”

I CAN’T be okay or happy with where I’m at, because then I’ll get complacent and won’t do anything.

I’ll stop getting better!!! I’ll have no drive to improve and grow!!!

Yeah, I used to think that too.

Then I befriended a fellow named Jeff* a few years ago.

He self-built a business that generated over 7-figures for himself each year, with no employees.

He was DEEPLY content with his work and personal life.


He continued to build his business. He continued to invest in self-development. He continued to read, learn, and grow more than anyone I knew, every single week.

I watched in awe as he didn’t NEED to feel “never satisfied” or “never enough” in order to keep his fire for growth going.

He showed me that acceptance + gratitude for where you’re at DOES NOT equal complacency.

It is ENTIRELY possible to be fully, deeply satisfied with where you’re at, right now, AND to have a deep fire and desire to grow and improve and build.

That nagging, constant feeling of “it’s not enough”…?

The one you think is the REASON for your drive?


But it’ll certainly keep you miserable so long as you insist on having it stick around as you call it “the reason” for your success.

* Not his real name.

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