The One Easy Question I Use To Massively Improve the Results I Get On Business Phone Calls

I have a magic question I ask in the first 60 seconds of ~80% of the business phone calls I have.

WITH this magic question I ensure the person I’m speaking to will hang up feeling happy and will be better off than before they spoke with me.

WITHOUT this question phone calls often devolve into the equivalent of cat-herding conversations, with ideas bouncing all over the place and the call never really getting anywhere.


“So hey, (insert name), tell me, what has to happen on our call today so that when you hang up, you think, “DAAAAMN, I’m SO glad I talked with Erin just now — that was SUCH a valuable call!!”?

Or, when I’m feeling less wordy:

“Tell me, (insert name), what has to happen on our call today to make it a REALLY valuable one for you?”

In other words, I simply get the other person’s agenda – upfront.

I find out exactly what they need and what they’re hoping to get.

And then, I make sure I deliver exactly that for them on the call.

If we get off-topic, I can pull things back because I know what the other person really wants.

Expectations are set upfront, I can be of service, and the person I’m speaking with gets EXACTLY what they’re hoping for.

Easy as that.

Try it.

Have better conversations.


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