What invisible rules are quietly running YOU?

There’s an amazing fellow who’s made over $10 million dollars online with a team of only 6 people, all while working just 3 days/week.

I listened to him being interviewed on a podcast recently.

At one point the interviewer interjects, incredulously, with something like…

“But wait, don’t you feel GUILTY for making so much money while you work SO FEW HOURS????”

I chuckled when I heard that question.

So did the wealthy fellow.

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The interviewer had let slip one of his subconscious “rules” that GREATLY limits him and the growth of his own business (I know because I’ve been interviewed by him as well, and we discussed it…).

The hidden “rule” governing the interviewer’s life that caused him to interrupt with that question (and the rule that’s keeping his business small)
is simply this:

“To DESERVE wealth/success, one MUST continuously work VERY HARD.”

If even a little part of you believes this, and you then speak to someone generating great wealth but not expending much effort to do so…

…part of you will feel they don’t DESERVE success.

You’ll feel they ACTUALLY deserve to feel guilty about it, instead.

A “rule” like this will also cause YOU to live out a cycle of mandatory, never-ending hard work, forever.

  • It’ll keep you working hard when it’s time to rest/recover.
  • It’ll keep you working hard when there are opportunities to work SMART.
  • It’ll keep you choosing the hard options when they’re not required.
  • It’ll generate feelings of guilt and discomfort when things come easy to you.
  • It’ll keep you feeling that, without strain, you’re simply NOT DESERVING.
  • It’s no wonder the interviewer confided his business growth has stalled out.

It’s no wonder the interviewer confided he struggles to delegate.

It’s no wonder the interviewer confided he works his ass off, every day, and admits he struggles to even IMAGINE things ever being easy for him.

You would too, if part of you was convinced that HARD WORK was a REQUIREMENT for deserving wealth and success.

We let the underlying “rules” that govern our internal lives slip out in our conversations and the questions we ask others.

So, if you listen closely when people speak to you, (ESPECIALLY when they’re frustrated, angry or confused) you can literally hear the rules and invisible boundaries that they live inside of and that limit them.

And those who’re especially astute and aware can catch hints of these invisible rules and boundaries when they listen to the words they speak themselves.

What invisible rules are quietly running YOU?

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