Which of the Two Types of Entrepreneurial Roadblocks Are Holding You Back?

Nearly all entrepreneurial roadblocks fall into one of two buckets.

So long as your challenges fall into Bucket #1, you’re okay. It’s figure-outable.

If more and more of your roadblocks are coming from Bucket #2 though, you need to call a Time-Out and reassess


????️ BUCKET #1 — Roadblocks in this bucket are caused by gaps in capability, skills or knowledge. These roadblocks can be solved by learning skills, increasing knowledge (book, video series, etc.), getting direction from a mentor, taking courses, etc. Experience a challenge, figure it out, overcome, repeat. Healthy entrepreneurship is a game of overcoming these challenges day in and day out, then growing from them and leveling up

????️ BUCKET #2 — These are internal, mental roadblocks. These roadblocks happen when you already HAVE the skills, resources, and knowledge (or know what types you need) but are STILL stuck. Reading another productivity book or hiring a leadership consultant or attending a weekend seminar is NOT going to fix these issues. These roadblocks typically have roots in old mental programming, subconscious patterns, conation (instincts), and habitual patterns, and are typically more difficult to successfully address on one’s own

If your roadblocks are coming from Bucket #1 — congratulations. Keep on truckin’. Keep on learning. Keep on hiring consultants and reading books and taking courses and leveling up month after month. It may (okay…it WILL) be tough at times, but you CAN do this.

If your biggest roadblocks come from Bucket #2, and you’ve been stuck for a while, you may need help getting out of your own way and clearing out the headtrash that’s causing you to be your OWN worst roadblock. If you don’t address Bucket #2 challenges, you’re going to be swimming upstream the rest of your entrepreneurial life—and none of us can do that forever.

Get rid of Bucket #2 blocks and you’ll experience flow and momentum. Your journey will feel like swimming downstream instead of upstream. (And if you need help doing this, give us a shout.)


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