Do THIS When You Feel Like There’s an Invisible Tug of War Going On Inside of You

Ever felt deeply frustrated watching yourself repeatedly doing things that go AGAINST what you say you’re fully committed to?

Like when…

part of you is COMMITTED to losing weight…but then you find yourself eating doughnuts each morning or cake each night?

or when…

part of you insists you want to build your business…but you find yourself continually putting off the EXACT work you KNOW you need to do to grow (sales calls, marketing copy, delegating, etc)?

or when…

part of you wants SO MUCH to experience incredible success… but you find yourself continuing to sleep in each morning or watch way too much Netflix each night?

When you find yourself engaging in behaviors that go AGAINST your goals + dreams + desires…

…you’re not crazy.

You’re human.

Even better though…
there’s actually a really great reason you’re acting in this way.

???? Here’s is the ridiculously simple 2-question process that will uncover why you act in ways that don’t serve you: ????


What are the actions keeping me from achieving the very thing I’m fully committed to achieving? (Make a list of these. This list will consist of actions you ARE and ARE NOT taking that are keeping you from moving toward your primary commitment.)

ASK YOURSELF QUESTION 2 (Here’s the gold mine):

What would I have to ALSO be fully committed to that would keep me acting in the ways I listed out when I answered question #1?

Your answer to Question #2 will tell you EXACTLY why you feel like you’ve got a foot on the brake — these are your competing commitments that keep you stuck in an internal tug of war…

…with part of you trying to head in one direction…

…and another part of you trying to head in another.

So, here’s an example.

Let’s say my GOAL (what I’m committed to) is helping my team members become more effective at their work…

…but I feel like I can’t seem to support them and end up DOING their work instead.

[Answer to Question #1] —->
When team members come to me for help I compulsively DO their work for them or I tell them exactly what to do instead of helping them figure it out themselves.

If I were to sit and think about an answer to Question #2, I might discover…

[Answer to Question #2] —->

  • I’m committed to always looking smart
  • I’m committed to always looking competent
  • I’m committed to getting everything done as FAST as possible, no matter what.
  • I’m committed to being someone who always has the answers
  • I’m committed to relieving others’ discomfort

You’ll notice my answers to Question #2 would show how it makes complete and total sense why I’d keep acting in the ways I do (my answers to Question #1) — which is why I would be struggling to achieve my primary goal of helping my team members become more effective at their work.

It all makes perfect sense.

You’re not crazy, you just have competing commitments you may not be fully aware of until you shine a flashlight around in the back corners of your mind.

You may be committed to being healthy, but you may also be committed to celebrating with food.

You may be be committed to growing your business, but you may also be committed to avoiding discomfort.

You may be committed to meeting deadlines, but you may also be committed to doing everything PERFECTLY, no matter how long it takes.

Uncovering your hidden commitments is the first step.

It brings you awareness of what’s holding you back.

And remember…

You can’t create change without first having awareness of what actually needs to change.

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