You’re STUCK. Let’s figure out WHY.

  • It seems like you just spin your wheels. Over and over…
  • You keep avoiding what you KNOW you need to do.
  • Your stress levels remain fairly high each day.
  • Your revenue isn’t going up.
  • You’re not seeing more incoming leads.
  • You WANT to change, but the motivation just isn’t there.
  • Something always seems… not quite right.
  • Your relationships are getting impacted.
  • You’ve read the books, you worked with the coaches… but things AREN’T CHANGING.

More often than not, we find they’re stemming from one of the following 3 areas (which are TRICKY AS HECK to try and address on your own…)


Thought patterns, belief loops, belief bubbles, head trash and old programming.

They gum up your mind, pump out thoughts that do more harm than good (“You suck! Why’d you do that?? You’re gonna mess up this call…”). Ultra common challenge with high performers.

Example: One of our clients, John, hit a ceiling with his business and hadn’t increased revenue in 3 years despite working with coaches, attending trainings, and voraciously reading business strategy books. Turns out he’d hit his “upper limit” and was constantly trying to drown out a running narrative in his head that he was going to fail, that it was going to be disastrous, and that it was safer to avoid action. (Shit! No wonder he kept self-sabotaging.) We cleared out the gummed up thought loops and deep-rooted fear/anxiety and within a month John was taking actions and seeing $$$ flow in from new clients that had been outside his grasp for YEARS. No new business strategies or tactics needed.


A powerful driver of your actions that’s tricky to control. You don’t have direct awareness of what’s going within it. And yet it impacts the direction of your life’s choices, business decisions, and how you feel daily. Here’s what we see with high performers: Subconscious stress accumulates over years, and sometimes it starts to overflow. Symptoms of problems at the subconscious level range widely (from waking up with anxiety early in the morning to regularly snapping at others for no reason), and unfortunately most people don’t know how to accurately get their subconscious to work FOR them or drain accumulated stress on their own.

Example: A current MindFix client was struggling to sleep soundly, was feeling general unease throughout her workdays, and was always sensing something was… wrong. We worked directly with her subconscious for her first 2 sessions she’s literally ALREADY saying how she feels like a completely new person who’s more productive than she’s EVER been in her entire life.


You’re wired from birth to strive in a very specific way—we’re talking measurable instincts that don’t change during the course of your life. No matter how clear your mind, no matter how neutral your thoughts, no matter how strong your self-esteem—if you work AGAINST your instincts (which are unique to only you) you WILL feel significant increases in stress. And not the good kind of stress, either. Many high performers read so many books and follow so many gurus they end up thinking they MUST be taking action in very specific ways in order to succeed. When they learn how THEY should be working according to their inborn instincts, life gets easier. Everything gets easier. Instantly.

Example: We worked with a successful entrepreneur, Bryan, who was plagued with a constant sense of guilt for not being the organized, always-on-time, all-his-shit-together type person he thought he was SUPPOSED to be. When we uncovered his instincts and he discovered how he could work more in flow, his stress plummeted, his sense of self-worth skyrocketed, and he immediately felt a sense of peace and ease he hadn’t experienced in decades. He suddenly had the freedom and permission to fully be himself and realized he’d been following the wrong advice for years.

High performers get in their own way for completely different reasons.

Identifying and attacking the root cause (instead of a SYMPTOM of the problem) is what produces the permanent results our clients experience.

If you’re struggling to figure out WHY you’re holding yourself back, it’s very possible your challenge falls into one of the 3 common quagmires listed above, which can be quite nebulous, tricky, and (seriously) difficult to unravel on your own.

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