Are You Unable to See the Magic In Your Life?

Yesterday a client called us, feeling concerned he hadn’t seen any big breakthroughs in his MindFix program yet.

So we asked him to describe the shifts he’d had so far.

The client shared:

  • I don’t procrastinate any longer.
  • I no longer go into negative spirals. Yes, I still have negative thoughts, but they don’t derail my day like they constantly used to.
  • I no longer view tasks as ‘annoying’. I delegate things I don’t enjoy doing, and I don’t let the fact that I have to do some things bother me.
  • My husband and I have reconciled. He used to be so upset that I was negative all the time. Now he says I’m happy and positive and full of life. It’s totally changed our relationship. I no longer worry about the future.
  • I’m closing my biggest deals and making the most money I’ve ever made. I no longer have any stress. None. Seriously.

It was only when we repeated back to him what he said did he realize he was literally living the life he told us he wanted to… and wasn’t SEEING it. I mean, just ONE of those bullet points was literally a healed marriage and it hadn’t occurred to him that he’d had any breakthroughs.

And this isn’t uncommon; we see it a LOT.

We expect “breakthroughs” and leveling up to come with explosions.

To look like a surprise ferrari wrapped with a bow in the driveway.

To feel like a piano dropping from the sky.

But, oftentimes, they just happen and we rapidly NORMALIZE.

What we once wish we had becomes NORMAL in an instant, so it doesn’t necessarily feel like the incredible experience we think it should feel like. In other words…

Might it be POSSIBLE you’re making great strides in different areas of your life and, just like our client here, you simply aren’t seeing them?

How might you be a more objective observer about your progress?

And what might feel different if you were to ACTUALLY see and celebrate all the growth in your life instead of deny its existence?

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