Eliminated a lifelong reluctance to “put himself out there” Increased incoming leads by more than 500% Rebounded from shaky self-worth to relaunch his real estate brokerage

Before MindFix, Ed Spent 35 Years of His Life Dreading “Putting Himself Out There.” Now His Call Volume Is Up 500%—Alll With More Ease and Self-Respect

Ed after MindFix:
“MindFix has helped me more—significantly more—than I could have ever even imagined.”

For someone with a highly successful 35-year career in real estate, Ed had a peculiar problem.

“I’ve always been very shy, surprisingly. And I’ve struggled with call reluctance and resistance to offering my services to others.

“That’s pretty interesting for somebody who’s in real estate,” Ed says with a smile.

It Used To Be Hard

As a young sales agent, Ed used to compensate the only way he knew how.

“When I started in the business, I was determined to do well. So, I went out and I knocked on 36,000 doors in the first two years. And I was cold calling when I wasn’t door-knocking.

“But I had to do all that through lots of strenuous effort and high motivation. Some might describe it more as desperation!

“Desperation can be a great motivator,” Ed says. “But it’s just NOT good for the psyche to keep going that way.

“So, I just tried to barrel through that fear. And because I had the discipline to go forward, I had some externally witnessed success. I was Rookie of the Year, and then “Top Producer” and all that stuff. I made it to the top of my industry in terms of production, and then started a small brokerage and began purchasing property.

“I was really on a strong path career-wise. BUT… it really wasn’t aligned with who I was.”

Doing things the hard way takes its toll

As you might imagine, over the years, that disconnect took its toll.

“I eventually got a little bit cold to it all, just numb to it. So, I told myself it didn’t bother me as much as time went on.

“It was never something that I chose to do, or liked to do, or enjoyed. I might end up having a very fulfilling conversation that was extremely pleasant when I finally did talk to someone… Yet still, I resisted. I just did NOT want to pick up the phone or knock on the door for the next one.

“I was just proving myself and pushing myself… all out of a desire to feel as if I was worth something.”

Where it started

While he doesn’t blame his circumstances for the way his life turned out, Ed had a difficult childhood. He and his family were abandoned by Ed’s father when he was just two, and when his mother fell into a severe depression, they went to live with his grandparents. Just as things were looking up, though, Ed’s mother got remarried to a man Ed now describes as a tyrant. The message that was repeatedly communicated to him was that people out there in the world will always use their power over you to disrupt your life.

“Hence the call reluctance. On a subconscious level, any one of those doors could have represented some new tyrant showing up in my life. Anybody on the phone could have come out of the woodwork with something that I didn’t expect.”

He’d tried everything

So Ed did what anyone would in his situation—lots of mindset work, lots of books and videos, lots of positive self-talk.

“Obviously I was operating under a system where I thought that what didn’t kill me made me stronger. So I just kept going.”

Yet through it all, the severe call reluctance remained.

Until he found MindFix.

Finding MindFix…

“I came to MindFix to find some comfort with introducing myself, introducing my services, and introducing my team—without all the grit and determination.

“We sailed through that after one session! And then we got to deeper issues that were at the root of things and dealt with those, too.

“I’m happy to say I’m on the other side of all that. At this point now, there’s no heat around introducing myself and prospecting any longer. And that reluctance is just completely gone.

The best part for Ed?

The changes he’s seen after MindFix haven’t just been about business.

“I’ve noticed profound effects in my personal life, where I found that I had previously been doing a lot of editing of how I presented myself.

“MindFix helped me immediately recognize how much I was changing how I “showed up” with people to protect myself from ‘something out there’. I was careful of everything from words I chose to how I dressed—and even whether I spoke to people out of concern about how I might be perceived.

“I was completely overriding who I was at my basic nature.

“But not anymore.”

“For example, when I’m playing soccer—one of my passions—I no longer worry about what they’re going to think if I take a shot or not, no longer care about whether it actually goes in or not.

“Getting rid of the mental chatter I had going on about how people perceive me has allowed me to perform at a much greater level—in all aspects of my life.”


  • On a scale of one to 10, how would you say you are able to deal with daily events?
  • How hopeful about the future?
    “Significantly more. I came in with a focus on whether MindFix could help me achieve some very specific business tasks. But the effects have been pervasive; they’ve brought me so much joy in all areas of my life.”
  • Do you feel the program helped you achieve the breakthrough you were hoping for?
    “Without a doubt.”

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