Watched his wife fall in love again with their life together, their kids, and their business Made the “space” for new marketing and sales initiatives to 10x their customer base Instantly removed a mental block that had been affecting his hearing—restoring him to full function

Before Jocelyn Went Through the MindFix Program, Shane’s World Was Falling Apart. Now He Has His Business, Life, and Wife Back. (And His Hearing!?!)

Shane after MindFix:
“We’ve gotten back our marriage, our values and goals in parenting. We’ve gotten our faith back—and our business.”

Shane SamsShane Sams has always been a man of decisive action.

For example, there was the incident with his son.

“My wife Jocelyn and I discovered that my son’s daycare had been mistreating him.

“I wanted to pull him out of there right away, so I went to my boss and asked for the day off work.

“I was a schoolteacher, and had been for a decade at that point.

“But my boss told me no.

“She told me she didn’t see any immediate danger—and more importantly, she didn’t have the time to help me get a substitute teacher for my class. She just said, ‘I know your son needs you, but your job needs you more right now.’

“So I decided at that point in my 10-year teaching career that I would never work for anyone else again.”

Shane kept his promise—and succeeded wildly online

Fortunately, he and Jocelyn had created a side business—a membership site for elementary school librarians. It had been going well, but after the issue with his boss, the two of them doubled down on growing the site.

By 2013, they had both quit their jobs. That, in turn, gave them the time to start a second company—this one teaching everyday couples the secrets they had learned about starting and running a membership business.

All the while, the librarian business grew… and they eventually sold it to the tune of seven figures.

Incredible, right?


What Shane and Jocelyn hadn’t planned for—what they could never have foreseen—was that the new owners would take the business in an entirely different direction–one that flew in the face of everything they had built.

Sadly, Shane explains, “Jocelyn mourned that business like she would have grieved a child who’d passed away.”

Jocelyn began to suffer

“She had lost her purpose,” Shane says.

“Her swagger was gone. She lost her mojo.

“We went on like that for a year. It was bad. Then a year and a half—and it got worse. Finally, Jocelynn got depressed and started feeling physical pain in her body.

“She started doing everything she could. Acupuncture, chiropractors, psychiatrists, whatever. She ended up on meds, and even they weren’t working.

“We were never on the same page. We weren’t even in the same book.”

“Jocelyn’s depression was rippling out into everything,” Shane says.

“Parenting, marriage, business… It was all so hard. Because we were supposed to be partners—50-50 partners in business, equal parents, husband and wife. And with Jocelyn’s depression, all of a sudden, I was doing everything.

“I still loved her, obviously, but it was wearing me down. And I’m getting depressed, and I’m gaining 30 pounds and…

“I didn’t understand. Jocelyn didn’t understand. So, we just sort of said, ‘Screw it. We’re not going to talk. We’re done. She stays in bed. I’m going to do everything alone.

“Jocelyn said it was either going to kill her, or it was going to kill us.

“Something had to give.”

Then, in a stroke of incredible luck, Jocelyn found MindFix.

MindFix to the rescue

Shane says he had second thoughts, but Jocelyn insisted. After all, she said, she had tried everything else—she might as well try something different.

As it turns out, “different” was precisely what Shane’s wife needed.

At first, Shane was incredulous. “Jocelyn went through 12 weeks of MindFix—and it was a bigger change than we saw in two and a half years of therapy.

“She got off her medication. We went from no longer working together—with Jocelyn in bed all day—to her being up and running the company again… and killing it!

“There had been points where I thought, “Man, is this going to be the end of this business? Is this going to be the end of this relationship? Is this going to be the end of this whole thing?

“We had lost our empathy for each other and we’ve gotten that back now.

Then, even more incredibly, Shane experienced a breakthrough of his own during a MindFix session.

“I went in with 30-something-percent hearing loss and came out with none! I had an actual bonafide miracle happen.

“I was literally going to get a hearing aid—but when I went back and re-tested, I was 99% in both ears.

“I can hear everything now. Like, I was sitting in my living room two days ago and kept hearing something.

“It was the filament vibrating in the light bulb.”

Life after MindFix

Now, of course, Shane couldn’t be happier about Jocelyn’s decision to go through MindFix.

“We’ve gotten back our marriage, our values and goals in parenting. We’ve gotten our faith back—and our business.

“And we’re in such a solid place. I’m going to be speaking 20 times in different cities next year—in front of 5,000 people per event. And we’ll be doing seminars all over the country.

“Our team is expanding again—and we’re looking at anywhere from six to ten times growth next year.

“I have no doubt that we’re going to be able to execute—and we’re going to be able to do it together. And I don’t even think we could have had these opportunities without MindFix.”


  • On a scale of one to 10, how would you say you are able to deal with daily events?
  • How hopeful about the future?
    “We’ve always believed in each other, but it was so bad for a while. I didn’t know what the future of our business—or our marriage—even was at that point. Now I feel like we have all our momentum back. I feel we changed our lives back in 2013 when we started our business, and then we changed hundreds of people’s lives over the next eight years. And now we’ve changed our own again.”
  • Do you feel the program helped you achieve the breakthrough you were hoping for?
    “I have no idea where we would be right now if we had not found MindFix. I tremble at the thought of what would’ve happened to us.”

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