Overcame his deep-rooted “fear of finances” Achieved record sales in a pandemic year Crushed Impostor Syndrome

Before MindFix, He Was Ignoring Bills and Suffering From Crippling Insecurity Around Other Entrepreneurs. Now He’s Unstoppable—and Coming Off a Record Year.

Howard after MindFix:
“I don’t even recognize myself.
This is a new me—actually, the REAL me, released from the shackles of a lifetime of learned behaviors that have blocked my growth and success.”

“For years and years, I avoided my finances,” Tom Howardsen says with a shake of his head.

Tom (his name has been changed because even his wife didn’t know he was having problems) runs a company that invests in consumer goods. He’s also involved with a global entrepreneurial community, regularly rubbing shoulders with other 7-, 8- and even 9-figure business-people.

So, for him, his pattern of ignoring the financial side of his business wasn’t just reckless—it was embarrassing and draining.

Avoidance = real consequences.

“For me, it was always feast or famine. There were times where the credit cards would boil over because I was trying to maintain some ‘desired’ lifestyle.

“I never went to the mattresses, as the expression goes. I never throttled down in the lean times, when something new was starting, or investments weren’t performing.

“I always would tell my wife, ‘If you wanted a consistent paycheck every week that grew year after year, you should have married a lawyer.

“But when you don’t manage the other side of financial prosperity—when you don’t plan for what happens when there’s no money coming in—it creates all sorts of problems.”

Unfortunately for Tom, nothing was working.

MindFix means an instant transformation

“Over time, I read a ton. I listened to courses and tapes, and became familiar with every tactic one might employ to ‘fix’ it—all to no avail. The only thing I truly learned was that you could know precisely what you should do, but still go on and on without doing it.

“You can read everything in the world, but that doesn’t work. You can understand it, but something else needs to be done.

“Because it all requires execution. There’s a lot of stuff out there that makes sense, but it lacks ‘teeth.’ It just doesn’t have the teeth and the gears to help you find traction.”

Fortunately for Tom, he finally paid attention to one of the MindFix posts he had been seeing on social media.

“I remember I was on a plane going somewhere, reading one. And it was kind of like, ‘All right, I’m just going to do this. What have I got to lose?’ At some point, sometimes you just commit.

“Instant transformation sounds a bit like magical thinking, but that’s what I wanted. And I thought, ‘Wouldn’t it be worth the investment if everything just worked?’

“And I still have no idea how it happened, but that’s exactly what did happen.”

Death to Imposter Syndrome

After just one MindFix session, I was not only sitting down every week to review my finances—I started to feel uncomfortable if I had to delay my meeting with myself by even a day.

“It was weird. I woke up one day, and I said to myself, “All right, I’m scheduling my finance for Friday, and I’m just doing it. I wasn’t even thinking about it.”

And as you might imagine, suddenly paying attention to the finances he’d been ignoring for so long paid immediate dividends.

“There was a level of confidence I was missing from my life, rooted in the finance piece. With the work I do, I get the privilege or opportunity to walk into some kind of pretty rarefied rooms, but in the past, I would always feel unworthy—really ‘less than.’

“But the whole MindFix process provided me a window from which I could look at myself from a very different perspective, and dismiss all of the bullshit thoughts I was thinking.

“It was like putting on a new suit that you feel really good and confident in.

“In particular, it killed the Impostor Syndrome I was feeling. I was raised in the Midwest with this whole culture of being very humble and not talking about yourself or bragging. But you know what? I’ve done some pretty good things, and I’m ‘worth it.’ So that was a pretty big shift for me, and it’s been important.

“I’m more precise now in creating goals and setting direction, not only for myself but for my teams.

“This process has empowered me to be proud of myself with humility. It’s not bragging—it’s just saying, ‘I’m going to get what I deserve.’ So in terms of negotiation, I’m now able to make good, well thought-out asks, particularly when there’s anything that might be contentious.

“In fact, at the close of the MindFix program, right before the pandemic started, I had a committed investor back out of a ‘life-support’ investment. I battled back forcefully but respectfully—and got the deal closed.”

The future for Tom

“I didn’t recognize myself. This was a new me—actually, the real me, released from the shackles of a lifetime of learned behaviors that have blocked my growth and success.

“And I really like this new guy!”

When asked whether he’d recommend MindFix, Tom is unequivocal.

“I wish I could have done this years ago. But here I sit, eight months later, with a record sales year, new opportunities, and so much gratitude. And the resulting confidence is reflected in my daily activities, attitude, and in my relationships.

“If you’re thinking about MindFix, remember this:

“You can spend years—and lots of money—buying every book and taking every program. Or you can just bite the bullet and do this—and move on.”


  • On a scale of one to 10, how would you say you are able to deal with daily events?
  • How hopeful about the future?
    “I’m both hopeful and optimistic. Especially throughout 2020, which was a tough year for everyone. I have a much easier time now of divorcing myself from all the noise outside and just focusing on what I have to do.”
  • Do you feel the program helped you achieve the breakthrough you were hoping for?

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