Nearly Bankrupt, He STILL Borrowed Money For MindFix. Now he’s at 10x ROI—and Counting.

Borrowing money can feel risky—especially when you’re already $500k in debt. But this entrepreneur was so sure about MindFix that nothing would stop him.

James after MindFix:
“Instead of having to fight through all the head trash I had, things became EASY. I’ve never worked less and made better money in my life.”

James MillerIt can sometimes feel difficult to admit you made a mistake.

But how would you feel if a mistake you made cost you half a million dollars?

James Miller knew this feeling all too well. And it was this feeling—the feeling of losing so much money and knowing deep down that something needed to change—that made him realize he needed MindFix.

Imaginary issues. Real consequences.

“In 2019 my company did $1.1 million in revenue.

“Unfortunately, we needed to do $1.6 million to break even.”

James runs an innovative construction company, where, as he puts it, they build “home additions that don’t look like additions.”

But when a simple reluctance to speak up and let a client know he had incorrectly priced a remodeling contract led to a staggering cost overrun—to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars—James quickly found himself in over his head.

“Most of that debt came from one project. I charged them $500,000 to do the job, but it cost me over $850,000 to produce it. I didn’t have the right terminology in my contract to push back. But, frankly, the larger problem was I just didn’t have the balls to say ‘Hey, this has to change.’

“I had so much head trash about having difficult conversations with people that I just kept avoiding having a talk with my client.

“Instead I’d borrow money from ‘quicky loan’ places, doing stuff that just was really, really horrendous for my business.

“The sad thing was that it wasn’t just this deal. For years I had been stuck in a vicious cycle of just getting in my own way.

“It was almost as if every time I got a good job over 28 years in business, some part of me would think “Oh, I can’t be making money”—and then take another job that would hurt me.”

James’ solution appeared in the nick of time.

“When I found MindFix,” James continues, “My team was threatening to leave because I hadn’t paid them in three weeks.

“Plus I was two days away from losing my house—but I had only just told my wife I was in financial trouble.

“So, needless to say, I had to find some help fast.

“I started thinking about a quote from Elon Musk about thinking big that I have on my office wall:

‘Ask yourself, ‘How do I accomplish my 10-year plan in 6 months?’ You’ll probably fail—but you’ll be a lot further along than the person who simply accepted it was going to take 10 years!’

“And I kept asking myself ‘What would it be like if it was actually easy to get done what I’m trying to do?’

After talking with Erin I thought “Holy crap… It might just be easy!”

However, that solution came with a price tag—and it was money that James didn’t have

“When I spoke with Erin on our initial consultation and she told me how much MindFix cost, I was freaking out. In fact, my wife was in the truck with me when we had that conversation, and I turned to her and said ‘I think I need to do this… But how?

“I thought about turning down the opportunity, but Erin seemed so certain that she could help me with my problem that I just decided to face my fears and take the plunge. After all, it was a drop in the bucket compared to what I already owed… And I thought if it didn’t work, what would it matter?


Invest in yourself, invest in the MindFix program, and you will not be sorry!

In this 7 minute video, James discusses how the financial investment he made in the MindFix program has already paid for itself many times over.

“It is the best thing I have EVER done. The best thing.”

Full transcript.

MindFix got to the root of the problem in record time

After James made the decision to start the MindFix program, he and Erin got to work—and discovered an unexpected fear at the root of James’ financial troubles.

“We went through a bunch of stuff, but the fear of abandonment was a big one. My father left when I was 7. My mother left. My sister left. My brother committed suicide. My ex-wife left.

“And as a result, this fear of people leaving me has pervaded every part of my life. Even in my current marriage to my wife… We’ve been together for 18 years now, and still—any time she got angry it was just an automatic “fight or flight” for me. Because at some level I was scared she was going to decide I was unlovable and leave.

“That lack of self-worth led to all kinds of business problems, from ‘I’m not really worth what I’m charging’ to ‘If I speak up for myself, I’ll lose these clients.’

“But all of that is just gone now. To be honest, I’d have to go back to my notes from my calls to see exactly how I felt… Because not only do I not feel it anymore—I don’t even remember feeling it!”


For James, life after MindFix is looking up

“Sometime around the middle of the program we worked through some money hang-ups. Literally that next day I put together two invoices that in the past I would have cut the price on it from the beginning because, frankly, they were for ‘too much’ money. But because I had lost that money belief and had decided not to negotiate against myself, I just put them out there.

“They told me they were more than they’d been expecting… And paid them anyway!”

From that point on, James’ financial struggles became infinitely easier.

“Every account I had was closed; I just couldn’t use them. Now they’re all back open again.

“I had people working for me that I had strung along for six months or more—they’re all paid.

“And I’ve gotten rid of about $150,000 in debt in just a year… And I’m still working on the rest.

“Plus I’ve been on a couple of podcasts now because of my story. And when I’m done, I literally have to listen to them almost like I’m listening to someone else—because I always find myself asking ‘Did I really do that… That fast?’ It’s such an incredible story that it feels like it didn’t happen to me.

“To be honest, I’m glad Erin didn’t tell me how quickly I would see changes with MindFix—

“Because I never would have believed it.”

Erin’s Takeaway

It’s natural to look at an expense and think “Gosh, spending money is scary. Doing nothing feels a whole lot ‘safer.’”

But the truth is this—

“Financial prudence” is often just a mask for the fear of change—or, frankly, for the fear of finally blowing through what’s been holding you back for years.

When James put aside his fear, he transformed his life nearly instantly… Ridding himself of three decades of head trash, rescuing his business and his house, and bringing a new level of intimacy and honesty to his cherished relationships.

What could getting out from under your demons mean to you? If you think you’d like to find out, apply for MindFix today.


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