Overcame unexplained physical pain and anxiety Got 'unstuck' for the first time in years Became a better wife, mother, friend, and business owner

Before MindFix, she struggled with physical pain, anxiety and depression. After MindFix, her life is transformed and she's become the person she always knew she could be.

Jocelyn after MindFix:
I’m a better wife, mom, business owner, and friend thanks to the work I’ve done with MindFix.”

Suffering from physical and mental blocks for years, ‘miserable’ was the word Jocelyn typically used to describe herself before her time with MindFix.

She had tried psychiatry, counselors, chiropractors, physical therapists and medication – but found herself only sinking deeper and deeper into depression each year.

After hearing about her friend’s incredible success in the MindFix Signature Program, Jocelyn chose to move forward and invest in herself — and discovered MindFix to be one of the most powerful investments she ever made in herself.

Overwhelming physical and mental issues.  She’d tried nearly everything… but saw few results.

“Before working with Mindfix, I was having a lot of unexplained physical pain in my upper back and neck. It got to a point where I could hardly move because I was so tense. I was not satisfied with any area of my life and overall, I was miserable.”

Jocelyn turned to a myriad of healthcare professionals over the years as she looked to alleviate her symptoms–but all made little to no difference in her physical pain.

At one point, she found herself wondering if her physical pain might be related to her mental health.

This lead to Joceyln working with counselors and psychiatrists, and taking medication for depression and anxiety. All of these things only dulled the pain… and just by a little.

“I was getting frustrated and sinking deeper into depression.”

MindFix = Transformation

“I heard Erin’s story and felt like we had a lot in common, and I had a friend who saw amazing success in MindFix, so I decided to reach out and learn more.”

During her MindFix program, Jocelyn learned how to dig into the root of her problems in a way she had never done before. Instead of learning to COPE with her issues — she actually, finally CRUSHED them.

“I was able to work with my facilitators to simply and easily eliminate lifelong limiting beliefs!”

Permanent results. A better life

“I feel less tension in general – both physically and mentally. I’m a better wife, mom, business owner, and friend thanks to the work I’ve done with MindFix.”

For Jocelyn, the decision to work with MindFix was a no-brainer.

“Of all the investments I made last year, MindFix yielded the biggest return. I’ve been able to get “unstuck” for the first time in YEARS and I am so grateful for that.”


Often times physical issues are linked to mental roadblocks. Address issues at the root level and all aspects of your life can change: emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, etc.

If you want to transform your life the way Joceyln transformed her,  apply for MindFix today.

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