Sometimes Life Gets Super Hard, Really Fast. Here’s What To Do If It Does.

We don’t often get taught how to deal with stress when life sneaks up and sandbags us. Here’s why that’s baaaaaad news.

Kevin after MindFix:
“Family, friends, and loved ones—they’ve all commented I seem like a totally different person. I feel unbothered by all the stuff that used to get to me. I’ve been liberated!”

Kevin StiflerSome guys dream about being a dad one day.

Not Kevin Stiffler—he didn’t have time.

Sure, he and his better half had thought about kids, but only in that “Wouldn’t it be nice” kind of way.

It was a big shock, then, when Kevin found out she was pregnant.

Especially because it happened at the Worst. Possible. Time.

Kevin was struggling with what he calls “a lot of circumstantial negative events” when he found out he was going to be a father—including the death of a close family member.

So when he got the baby news, the impact sent him reeling.

“There was just an overwhelming amount of emotions that, for the son of a military dad, was really hard to process.”

“I had a little bit of an early mid-life crisis.”

When Kevin’s stress piled up, he did what he was “supposed” to do. Big mistake.

When stress gets to a certain point, people get awkward. In other words, when our emotions start to reach critical levels, friends and loved ones typically do one of two things…

Some tell you to “be more positive, or to think happy thoughts.” (Because THAT always works.)

Others, not knowing what else to do, say things like “Maybe you should get some help.”

And for a lot of people, that help looks like therapy.

But that wasn’t the case with Kevin.

“I started working with a traditional talk therapist. Actually, I bounced around between four or five different ones before I finally found somebody that I enjoyed working with.

“But even then, the methodology wasn’t jiving with me well and I wasn’t seeing a big impact.”

So he reached out to MindFix.

Here’s what happened when Kevin switched to MindFix

In therapy, Kevin had begun to better identify and communicate his emotions—but that was about it. He wasn’t processing those emotions any more quickly—and all the discussion and rehashing and ruminating was actually making him feel worse.

“All we did was talk about problems and not actually solve them….”

Kevin had an “a-ha” moment. He realized his therapists were trying to help him deal with his stress—but they weren’t doing anything to address what was causing it.

So, Kevin signed up for MindFix.

And so we dove in and began working on what he believed to be true about life, his subconscious accumulated stress, and the deep-seated emotions that were keeping him in turmoil.

Kevin’s first big breakthrough was an eye-opener

Kevin clearly remembers the moment he realized something had changed.

“My partner and I had been having an argument. She asked me why I didn’t seem so upset. And I looked at her and said, “I actually am kind of upset, but I’m not giving that emotion a lot of energy right now.’

“That emotion was just no longer running me. I could acknowledge it, recognize it, and then just work with it.

“That’s when the light bulb went off and I thought ‘Gosh, this is actually working!’”

What the future looks like for Kevin

Kevin after MindFix

Kevin and family summiting Mt. Elbert.

MindFix finally brought Kevin the peace he wanted—and deserved.

“My relationship with my partner has been much, much healthier,” he says.

“I definitely have a clearer sense of direction and a stronger commitment to where I’m going.

“Family, friends, and loved ones—they’ve all commented I seem like a totally different person.

“My business has been thriving, and I have a lot less stress.”

Best of all?

“I feel ‘unbothered’ by all the stuff that used to bother me.

“Like I’ve been…


Erin’s Takeaway

The MindFix team transformed the way Kevin copes with the pressures of his new life as a busy father.

That’s because the changes we helped him make aren’t just about creating a ‘positive mindset.’

Think about it… If you spill red wine on your shirt, you can’t clean it by pouring chocolate sauce on top. YOU NEED TO REMOVE THE WINE STAIN!!!

You can’t simply change your perspective and expect everything to become better. You need to get at the root of what’s going on in your life—so you can eliminate problems BEFORE they become challenges that need to be managed.

On some level, Kevin understood this innately… And we were proud to help him follow through on that instinct.

What can we help you with? If you’re curious about finding out, apply for MindFix.


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    Yes, I definitely have a clearer sense of direction and a stronger commitment to where I’m going. And family, friends, and loved ones—they’ve all commented I seem like a totally different person.
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