Yes, You Can Have A Better Life, Even If Things Are Already Awesome

Still feel unsatisfied when others think you’re “living the dream?” Here’s how to find bliss.

Leigh after MindFix:
“In all honesty, I noticed a change 20 minutes into my first session. I knew almost instantly that MindFix was going to be WAY big. Now my life is BLISS—and I’ve BLOWN past 7 figures.”

Ever been to Frisco, Colorado?

Pay a visit and you’ll find yourself a short hop away from five world-renowned ski resorts: Breckenridge, Keystone, Copper Mountain, Vail, and Arapahoe Basin.

They’re the reason Frisco and the surrounding county play host to more than 7 million people each winter.

They’re also what keep “year-rounders” like Leigh Wadden busy.

Leigh’s been in Frisco for 15 years, renting boutique condos to visiting skiers. She absolutely loves what she does—and they love her for it.

In other words, Leigh has what most people would call the perfect life.

Most people… But not Leigh.

Just because everyone says your life is perfect…
doesn’t mean it actually is.

“There was always this nagging feeling that I should be doing more,” Leigh says.

“I knew EXACTLY what I needed to do to take my business and my life to the next level, but there was something inside of me—some kind of conflict—that was keeping me from taking that step.”

So Leigh turned to MindFix.

Why self-help doesn’t help—and what you can do instead

If you’re like Leigh, you’ve already done all the things you’re “supposed” to do to get yourself unstuck.

You’ve tried positive thinking….
You’ve practiced gratitude…
You’ve done your best to listen to people who say you’ve got everything you could possibly ask for…
You’ve read all the books and blogs…
Maybe you’ve joined a think tank or a mastermind…
Maybe you’ve even gone to therapy….

Odds are you probably still feel like you’re spinning your wheels.

So let’s get something out of the way.

It’s perfectly OK to feel like that.

Part of what makes high-achievers successful is a lack of acceptance of the status quo that others just don’t have. (Or that their friends and family actively disapprove of.)

“I actually didn’t tell too many people I was doing MindFix,” Leigh says.

“They’d just think I was crazy. Because from an outsider’s perspective, I had a charmed life.”

How “small” changes can have a massive impact

Leigh came to MindFix with a small goal. All she wanted was to find the courage to raise her rates on new clients.

Interestingly though, it quickly became apparent there was a lot lurking behind the fear of raising her rates.

“It turns out I had a lot of limiting beliefs about my value,” Leigh explains.

“I was thinking ‘I’m not important. I’m not worthy of success. I’m not good enough.’

So we dove in and worked on all of it.

Her limiting beliefs.

Her subconscious blocks.

The hidden thought patterns that were getting in the way of her happiness.

And the subconscious stress she’d accumulated over years of putting herself in second-place.

And once we started, things all came together remarkably quickly.

“I had been struggling with charging higher rates for years, but after starting MindFix I had everybody on new rates within 14 days.”

“But in all honesty, it wasn’t just that; I noticed a massive change 20 minutes into my FIRST session. I knew almost instantly that MindFix was going to be WAY big.”

What the future looks like for Leigh, now that life is “way big”

When we cleared out all of Leigh’s head trash, the results were astounding.

“Life is BLISS.

“I had no idea what would happen before this program. I was just laser-focused on raising my commission on existing clients. But I ended up completely revising my contract for ALL clients to include fees that I should have been charging all along.

“And now I realize what led to the money issue affected every area of my life. Now I work a lot less, book work-free days without feeling guilt or anxiety, take immediate action on requests that I’d previously question and ponder for days, and delegate things to my team that I previously thought I HAD to do. Plus I don’t get triggered anymore by all kinds of things related to my business.

“And here’s the best part… I spent years “stuck” at six figures. Four months post-MindFix and I didn’t just hit 7 figures, I BLEW past it. And that wasn’t even one of my goals!”

“I thought I was already living the dream… but MindFix has taken things to the next level. When you clear your mental lens, it affects your whole life. I’m so much more confident. I’m calmer. I have so much more energy.

“And now I’m thinking about things that just light me up. I’ve been able to think about which direction I want to take my life in. MindFix calls them “Hell Yeses.” I call them—I don’t know. ‘Yippee’ moments. Things that just really drive me.

“MindFix has really freed up my mind to think about what’s really going to make me happy moving forward.

“And there are just so many possibilities.


Erin’s Takeaway

Go ahead—try driving your car with the emergency brake half-on.

You’ll get where you want to go. (Pay no attention to the squealing and smoke.)

But how much more fun could the ride have been if you had taken the brake off?

Sometimes the headtrash that’s sitting around in our mind acts like that brake.

It don’t stop us completely, it definitely makes it so we can’t drive like we should be driving.

People who already “have a lot” are sometimes shamed or “guilted” into being satisfied with their lives… Despite the nagging voice that says they can be MORE.

As Leigh shows us, there’s so much value in listening to that voice and finding your bliss.

If you’re starting to suspect—no matter how much you love your life—that you could be doing more, faster, apply for MindFix today.


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