Curated Notes (Life + Business Lessons) from a 5-figure Power Mastermind in Dallas This Week…

Couldn’t join us to sit amongst brilliant business minds this week in sweltering Dallas?

That’s ok.

I took lots of notes.

Then I pared them down to just the gold nuggets for you.

Here you go.

1. The BEST shortcut to experiencing rapid insights and growth = spending time in rooms where everyone is waaaay smarter than you. Find ways to be the lowest rung on the totem pole.

2. Being around the right people for even a short period of time will blast a floodlight onto the realization that your high bar isn’t ACTUALLY set so high after all. Normalize or elevate, your choice.

3. It’s your responsibility to extract value from your mentors and environment. Stop complaining when answers aren’t spoon-fed directly to you, and take responsibility for your learning.

4a. Spending MORE time working with your clients means fuck all; it DOESN’T automatically mean you can charge more (in fact, it can mean exactly the opposite). Spending more time on a client’s problem just means you’re burning through more hours in your week/life. Ask yourself how you can solve your clients’ problems while requiring LESS time from them and from you. How can it be EASIER?

4b. Frame your theme of “Less Is More” with clients upfront so they LOOK FORWARD TO YOU spending less time on them: “Do you care how much time I take to get you results, or do you just want me to get you results as quickly as possible?”

5. Before you invest in more traffic, ads, or other marketing, examine whether you might be blocking yourself from making WAY more money thaton you are now. (This pulled from the amazing story of an attendee who one day let all his clients go and then, one week later, began successfully charging OVER 10x his previous rates to new clients.)

6. Systems (including rating systems) can save you time. Smartypants like Ian Stanley rely on systems to automate which actions to take when faced with important, repeating life decisions.

7. When you can’t concisely communicate what you A) do and B) need, you make it exceedingly difficult for others to support you.

8. Releasing your need to deliver perfection is not only ridiculously POWERFUL, it’s actually a REQUIREMENT when you want to make a truly massive difference in the world.

9. Badasses struggle too. Be kind.

10. Dare to ask yourself: How can I partner with and leverage the work and efforts of my competitors?

11. Sell people what they THINK they want. Period. That’s it, end of story. No more. THEN deliver what they need.

12. Examine your obsession to provide “value”. Your ‘stack of value’ you’re trying to shove at buyers may be more about you trying to convince YOURSELF you’re ok charging what you charge, and actually not related (and even potentially detrimental to) to what your buyers actually want to buy.

13. When parents are looking at one another and tacking the term “BK” onto the end of their sentences, it’s not secret code. They’re referencing the freedom-filled “Before-Kids” period of their lives.

14. Just because you send out emails with instructions to your clients doesn’t mean those emails will get read. How can you provide clarity and structure to your clients while respecting how busy they are and not forcing them to read they read instructions.

15a. You can’t always PLAN what your massive successes will look like.

15b. Stop thinking you need to know EXACTLY HOW everything will unfold and you leave the door open to experiencing connections and possibilities 1000x better than your imagination could have ever concocted. Repeat: YOU CAN’T KNOW EXACTLY HOW ALL YOUR WINS WILL SHOW UP.

16. Brainstorming with smart, creative people without structure or focus can create temporary energy, but doesn’t necessarily move you forward down your path. Don’t mistake what’s fun to talk about with what’s important to talk about.

17. Juicy synchronicities show up when you kick it with the right people. (I mean, how could someone planning to create suits for dogs PLAN to suddenly be in a room with the person who just happens to be the owner of the Brad Pitt of dogs who not only WANTS to see his dog in a flashy suit but who also has a social media following and would be stoked to promote those suits?)

18. Some of “those people” you would SWEAR are absolutely *crushing it* are really just pumping out brilliant copy that twists truths to sound drool-worthy and envy-worthy. Work on yo’ copy, people.

19. The ground can literally shake beneath you for an extended period of time and it may end up being neither earthquakes nor T-rexes.

20. Don’t be idiotic. Talk to someone who truly knows what they’re doing before you make significant business decisions in areas you know nothing about, like the saleability of your company.

21. Just because you don’t receive immediate feedback doesn’t mean you’re not changing lives. Many people, especially if they’re not prompted, will withhold feedback an add stay silent even if they’ve benefitted greatly. Don’t convince yourself you’re on the wrong path just because it’s quiet. Actively gather data. And continue to serve in the manner you serve best.

22. Selling a product to women via video? Consider using a male voice talent with a posh English accent to 10x your results. If he’s in a suit, even better.

23. If part of you believes you must WORK HARD to deserve money, you will CONTINUALLY, ETERNALLY find ways to make work infinitely more time-consuming and tedious than it needs to be for you. This single belief can easily drain thousands of hours from your life.

24. Take time to brainstorm 2x/ year how you can leverage partnerships with past clients, current clients, and complimentary service providers.

25. Wan’t people to listen to what you have to say? Tell captivating stories. They’ll not only listen more deeply to you, they’ll REMEMBER you.

26. Just because someone doesn’t talk to you, say hello, say goodbye, give you a hug, or comment when you ask questions doesn’t mean anything. Some brilliant minds are just introverts. Others’ actions aren’t necessarily about you.

27. People from Wisconsin say “Holy cats.”

28. You DON’T necessarily know much at all about people from their Facebook posts. People you KNEW you would never like (and who in turn swore they’d never like you) can somehow end up becoming your pal. Your guesses are just guesses. Don’t lock yourself into acting like the stories you make up about people are accurate.

29. People need to follow and heed the wisdom of one Samantha Hartley because apparently she is a badass.

30. Veneers are amazing.

31. Successful people regularly shift their focus away from WHAT can help me achieve what I want ….to WHO can help me achieve what I want.

32. One of the main inhibitors preventing people from rapidly scaling up to the $5M/ year in annual revenue mark is the introduction of unnecessary services, offers, and complexity.

33. Get crystal clear on what TRIGGERS your clients to buy and you’ll open new doors to marketing success. Amazingly (and even if you’ve been doing what you do for decades) it’s very possible you have this all wrong–especially if you’ve not explored this with objective outside eyes.

34. It can be lonely at the top. Friendship is a valuable resource.

35. I now know about a somewhat secret weapon for experts/service businesses that prettttttty much gives them an instant, unfair advantage in messaging, sales, and fulfillment (all at a no-way-that-can’t-be-right rate). PM me if you want the details and I’ll share if it might be a match for you.

36. Escape rooms can vary massively when it comes to quality, entertainment, and temperature. Beware any golf-themed rooms.

37. Getting to see friends genuinely smile and laugh is SO GOOD.

38. Think infinite scale FIRST. Then systemetize, THEN add on the bells and whistles.

39. DON’T dive blindly into growth without thinking through scale and systems, otherwise you’ll quickly find yourself in fulfillment hell, facing burnout.

40. When scaling an expert business, consider keeping the deliverables the same at all levels, just change ACCESS (to you, to support, etc.)

41. As important as sleep is to long-term success and as critical as it is to protect your sleep time at all costs, occasional exceptions to the rule can be SO fucking worth it and can pay off in hilarity, juicy business gossip, and friendship–all with the potential to last long after the sleep deprivation fades.

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