What scares you… makes others smile (or even dance).

???? What scares you… makes others smile (or even dance).

???? What frightens you… pumps others up.

???? What you INSIST is absolutely horrible… looks like a goldmine to somebody else.

???????????? In less than 23 seconds this little girl PROVES the point I burn through HOURS every month trying to communicate via words. ????????????



1. If different people react to the same event in TOTALLY different ways, then holy shit—IT LITERALLY, 100% *CANNOT* BE THE EVENT ITSELF that *causes* you to feel stuck/feel frustrated.

^^^ Read that one again.
That needs to sink in. People write 500 page books on this ONE point that I just summarized in a single sentence for you. This is truly, truly MASSIVE if you get this.

2. If events AREN’T what’s causing you to be stuck/feel frustrated… then something inside of you is interpreting the events to be a threat to/bad for you.

???? Add 1 + 2 together….

…and you’ll suddenly GET why people who’re stuck never win when they keep trying to change the events going on around them, whereas the people who make a simple few tweaks internally* experience INSTANT and permanent release from their frustrations.

Ponder on this one today folks. This is more than a random FB post. This is the stuff that changes our clients’ lives in a handful of weeks.



* tweaks that, specifically, change how events OCCUR to them.

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