How To (Once and For All) Quiet the Mean Thoughts In Your Mind

We aren’t in control of our thoughts. Period.

Even so, we CAN impact the quality and type of thoughts that bubble up into our minds.

I used to have horrible, mean, intrusive thoughts flow through my mind every day.

And now…they just aren’t there.

At all.

Very few people manage to figure out how to do that.

But we’ve figured that out, here at MindFix.

Our clients (like the one quoted in the above image) get to experience this magic.

And it’s all done without the need for repetition or affirmations or hard work.

It’s done through simple SUBTRACTION.

The thoughts that occur to us each day show up based on the beliefs we hold onto.


Someone who has the belief that “people are evil and cruel” will have totally different thoughts pop into his mind as he goes through is day compared to someone who doesn’t have that belief.

Same goes for someone who has the belief “I’m an idiot” compared to one without that belief.

The quality of our thoughts depends on the beliefs looping in the background of your awareness.

When you SUBTRACT the problematic beliefs that sprout the problematic thoughts…those pesky, mean, harsh thoughts melt away — because you’ve plucked the seed out, right at the root level.

No seed… no weed.

^^^ I think I’m going to start using that phrase from here on out.

Negative thought patterns simply vanish, in a matter of weeks.

For good.

It’s not magic…. it’s MindFix.

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