Reminders of Past Successes Don’t Provide Permanent Change

Recently I saw a business coach post on his Facebook wall:

“If you’re struggling this week and feeling like you’re not good enough, just pull out your case studies and look at people you’ve helped, and you can’t help but feel better about yourself! You got this!!”.

I know he meant well.

And remembering past successes is a solid band-aid tactic that provides a temporary feeling of accomplishment to people who believe they aren’t successful, competent,
or good enough.

The thing is…reminders of past successes don’t permanently convince people who think lowly of themselves that they’re amazing.

Contrary to popular belief, most of the time, “proof” (aka facts or evidence) is not enough for you to change what you deeply believe to be true about yourself or the world.

And it’s exhausting having to apply temporary band-aides on yourself all week long, every month, every year…for eternity.

To the contrary, when you uncover WHY someone feels bad about themselves in the first place, and completely get rid of those root causes, you see permanent change + results. ????

✅ They don’t need to be convinced otherwise, with proof–ever again.


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