Imagine what it would FEEL LIKE for you to…

Imagine what it would FEEL LIKE for you to…

  • …sell your business for a quarter of a Billion dollars.
  • …be named a Top 100 Entrepreneur of your country.
  • …have over $1,000,000 in personal savings.
  • …be one of the top athletes in the United States.
  • …be an internationally recognized social media star.
  • …bring in over $100,000 in personal salary each month.

What did you imagine it’d feel like to experience those things?

You’d feel amazing?

Finally at peace?

On top of the world?

Here’s today’s shocker:

You THINK you know what experiencing those things would feel like, but you’re human, so you’re actually not very good
at guessing. It’s true.

See, I’ve actually talked to or worked with the real people listed above.

And they all felt pretty awful:

The fellow who sold his business for $250M? He lived in daily, chronic fear he was going to lose it all.

The fellow named Top 100 Entrepreneur in his country? He feels like a complete and total fraud—unworthy of speaking at the high-level events he gets invited to.

The man who finally surpassed $1M in personal savings? He felt empty and anxious with increasing uncertainty about what to do with his money…or his life.

The top U.S. athlete? With so much pressure to be great all the time, he felt intense shame and embarrassment any time there was a flaw in his performances.

The international social media star? Absolutely DROWNING in fear, anxiety, and self-doubt.

The fellow with the $100k+ monthly salary? Daily stress levels through the ROOF as his expenses spiraled upward.

Getting what you want doesn’t solve internal messes.

You THINK it will, I know.

Ironically though, getting what you you want often just exacerbates your internal messes.

You THINK you know what it’ll be like “when you get there.”

But your brain is just fantasizing, focusing on one thing, and stripping out all the other variables involved.

The fantastic news here is that once you successfully address your internal messes and conflicts, you get to actually ENJOY and fully experience all that you’ve worked for, regardless of where you are.


  • The fellow who sold his business for $250M worked with my team at The MindFix Group, and is now absolutely thriving and loving his life without fear or guilt.
  • The man who finally surpassed $1M in personal savings worked with my team and is, for the first time in over a decade, truly EXCITED and HOPEFUL about his future.
  • The top U.S. athlete worked with us as well and now chuckles when he makes mistakes, and has a baseline life experience of peace and confidence.

You DON’T know what it will be like to get to the finish line you’re imagining in your head.

Either do I.

All I know is that you can’t outrun your headtrash or internal messes and they’ll patiently follow you no matter how much you achieve.


  • Clear your mental lens.
  • Methodically remove your headtrash.
  • Address your internal messes.

And watch how your entire life experience, your performance, your mood, your attitude, and the possibilities you’re able to see all rapidly improve without any additional effort.

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