MindFix Ask-Me-Anything Q&A Session with Erin

In this 2022 “Ask Me Anything” public Q&A session, MindFix founder Erin Pheil answered the four most common questions nearly every person about MindFix gets curious about — along with all the other questions attendees brought to her during the live event.

Listen as Erin answers common questions such as, “What are the ways I can work with MindFix?“, “What is it LIKE to work with you?“, “What is the financial investment for a MindFix program?” and “Can I do this program if I have a hard time connecting to my feelings?”

You’ll hear the answer to these questions – right alongside other deeper-dive inquiries such as, “What is MindFix’s take on personality assessments?”  The full session runs 80 minutes in length.

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